April 17, 2024
    Are you unable to buy a DSLR camera at the moment and only have your smartphone? Here's how you can take HDR photos with your smartphone camera.

    How to Take Professional HDR Photos With Your Smartphone Camera

    Do you want to make the best use of your smartphone camera? Wondering how you can start taking HDR photos?

    If you want to start taking professional photography with your smartphone camera, you should consider using HDR settings. Believe it or not, you can get some great shots on your phone without buying an expensive camera, and taking HDR photos can help with this.

    Here’s how you can take HDR photos with your smartphone.

    What is HDR?

    High dynamic range (HDR) photography is a photography method that captures an increased dynamic range when taking photos. The dynamic range refers to the balance of brightness and darkness in a photo.

    Taking HDR photos allows you to get better-looking shots that have a better balance between light and dark areas in the photograph.

    In the past, HDR photos were created by taking 3 separate photos at different exposure settings and then combining them together. These days, taking HDR photos is simple and easy. It’s also not necessary to have a high-end camera to take them.

    Many smartphones come equipped with the ability to take HDR photos easily and effortlessly by taking just one photograph. Technology does the hard work for you and automatically combines the pictures of different exposures into one HDR photo.

    Remember that even if you’re shooting in HDR mode, however, much of the beauty of a great photo will come out during the editing process. If you’re interested in editing your photos well, be sure to learn more here.

    Why Shoot HDR Photos On Your Smartphone Camera?

    There are many reasons to use HDR settings when taking a photo, but there are a few instances when it’s a particularly great choice.

    Whenever there are harsh lighting conditions with a lot of contrast, shooting HDR photos can help to balance out the shot and make it look better. When taking photos in low lighting, HDR can also be a good choice. HDR can also be helpful when taking shots with a lot of hard and direct sunlight or when taking landscape shots

    Taking HDR Photos On Your iPhone

    On an iPhone, taking HDR photos is very simple and easy. In iOS 14, there is a “Smart HDR” setting that will be enabled by default on your device.

    You can also disable this setting and take HDR photos manually instead. To do this, you’ll have to go into the settings for the camera app and turn Smart HDR off. After it’s off, you can then tap an HDR icon when taking a photo to enable it or disable it quickly for a particular shot.

    Taking HDR Photos On Android

    With Android devices, taking an HDR photo will be slightly different from device to device.

    Many Android phones will allow you to manually enable and disable HDR mode when changing the settings for the camera app. The way to do this will vary, however, so you’ll need to find out exactly how to do it for your particular device.

    Final Thoughts

    If you want to take expert photography with your smartphone camera, make sure that you learn how to take HDR photos. Using the HDR settings on your device can allow you to get better shots than ever before.

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