June 15, 2024
    Having the right modern rugs in your living room can make things feel more cozy. Check out this style guide to learn how to choose one that doesn't clash.

    How to Choose the Right Modern Rugs for Your Living Room Setup

    A mug can set the whole tone of a room. It can take the vibe from cold and sterile to cozy and welcoming. 

    However, choosing the right rug for your space isn’t always easy. You have to get the size and style just right, and it’s all too easy to accidentally choose one that clashes with the rest of the decor and furniture in the room.

    Let’s look at how to choose the right modern rugs for your home to achieve the inviting and chic style you want.

    How to Choose Right Modern Rugs

    The first thing you need to think about when it comes to choosing a rug is the size. Do you want an area rug that covers the whole space or one that covers a small portion of your hard floors?

    If you’re going with an area rug, you still don’t want it to be too big. The general rule of thumb is that there should be four to eight inches of bare floor around all sides of the rug.

    The next thing you should think about is the style of your room. Are you looking for a modern farmhouse living room rug, or a modern Persian rug to match a more traditional style, or something totally different? Let’s breakdown the factors you need to consider to choose the perfect style of rug to match your space.

    When to Choose a Patterned Rug

    Choosing a rug with a pattern, like a modern oriental rug, is a great option if your space needs a pop of color. They’re also great at hiding more stains than solid-colored rugs. However, this is where it gets easy for your rug to clash the room.

    To avoid mixing too many colors, choose a patterned rug when the rest of your decor is neutral. That way, the rug will stand out instead of overwhelming the space with too many clashing patterns and colors.

    If you want your rug and furniture to be colorful, make sure you choose a patterned rug with colors that compliment your furniture instead of clashing with it. The point of a rug is to pull a whole room together, not clutter the space with too much going on.

    When to Choose a Solid-Colored Rug

    If your space is already colorful and eclectic, a solid rug can ground it all and pull it together. It will make the space even more soothing and inviting, and it won’t dominate over the rest of your decor choices.

    A solid rug doesn’t have to be boring. You can still choose a color that speaks to you, but make sure it ties in with the other colors in the room.

    Keep in mind that lighter-colored solid rugs will show dirt and stains more, so it may not be the best choice for families with kids or pets. 

    How to Choose the Perfect Rug Texture

    Once you determine your rug’s right size and style, the next thing to think about is texture. How do you want your rug to feel?

    Fluffy textures like wool and sheepskin (or faux options) add warmth and softness to a room. If your decor has many hard edges, these options will soften it up and make it a more comforting space.

    Natural materials like jute and sisal are all the rage right now, especially for neutral lovers. They can still add warmth to a room, but keep in mind that their texture is rougher.

    Silk or silky materials are stunning and extremely soft, but they can be more expensive and harder to clean. 

    Layering Rugs

    A new trend in modern carpet is to layer multiple rugs in the same space. It can add more texture, color and cover more space if you can’t find the correct size.

    The trick to layering rugs is to coordinate your colors, so they don’t clash and make sure you choose a room with enough space so it doesn’t look cluttered. Keep the rest of your furnishings minimal, and use one larger rug as the focal point. Check out more tips for layering rugs here.  

    Choosing a Rug by Your Home Decor Style

    If your home has a common style, it’s easier to choose a rug to match it. For instance, if your style is modern farmhouse, choose jute or modern oriental rug for the perfect modern farmhouse rugs. 

    Mid-century modern rugs feature more unique patterns and geometric shapes and lines. Traditional and vintage decor works perfectly with Persian rugs.

    Do a little research into your home’s style so you can choose a rug that coordinates. However, since rugs are an investment that you will keep for years, make sure you also choose something that you will love even as your style changes. The perfect modern rug should strike a balance between trendy and timeless.

    Don’t Forget About Function

    Rugs don’t just add style and comfort to space. They also serve valuable functions.

    First, they protect your floor from spills and scratches. If this is your main objective, choose a rug that’s washable or easy to clean, like one made with synthetic materials. 

    You should also think about durability. If you want it to hold up for several years, choose woold. If you’re looking for a rug for an area with high foot traffic, choose seagrass. 

    If you or a family member has an allergy to synthetic materials, choose a rug made from a natural material instead, like bamboo, hemp, or sisal. 

    Finally, if you live in a colder climate, you want a rug that helps keep your home warm in the winter. Wool or thick cotton rug can add a lot of insulation to a room and keep your feet warm. Adding a rug pad can also make a difference.

    Making Your House a Home

    Modern rugs are a beautiful centerpiece in any room. They can elevate the style of your home and increase the warmth of space at the same time. They are the final touch that turns your house into a home.

    Choosing the perfect rug can be a trial and error process, but if you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect one that matches your space.

    For more home design tips, check out the rest of the blog. 


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