July 14, 2024
    Your daily wellness is important so why not add CBD into the mix? Keep reading to learn about all the ways to take CBD and why you should use it every day.

    Daily Wellness: The Best Ways to Take CBD

    CBD is exploding in popularity lately. Have you tried using it yet?

    There are dozens of different ways to use it in order to experience its benefits. There are also dozens, if not hundreds, of different reasons people use it in the first place. 

    From daily wellness to pain relief and anxiety management, CBD is one of the most popular compounds occurring naturally that can help with it all.

    Looking for an introduction to CBD and how to best take it for full effect? Keep reading for everything you need to know

    What Is CBD and How Does It Benefit You?

    CBD is short for cannabidiol. It’s a naturally occurring substance that comes from the cannabis plant, which can either be marijuana or hemp.

    Contrary to popular belief, CBD does not get you high. When it comes to marijuana, the psychoactive ingredient responsible for feelings of high is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC.

    So popping some CBD gummies or sipping a CBD latte is not going to affect your mental state, create a euphoric sensation, or otherwise alter your state of being. If you’re looking for that, stick to THC.

    On the other hand, CBD benefits include help with conditions like epilepsy, as well as pain relief and stress management. CBD helps many people to relax, making it a great supplement for those who struggle with stress, anxiety, and over worrying.

    Tons of people take CBD to manage pain due to arthritis, injury, general soreness, and other types of physical pain.

    And since CBD is all-natural and available over the counter, without too much risk of negative side effects, it’s a great thing to try for yourself. When starting out, just be sure to use the smallest possible dose first to see how your body responds.

    Different Ways to Use CBD

    CBD can be consumed and enjoyed in a variety of ways. Here are some of the most popular and most effective.

    1. Smoking

    Smoking, though more popular with THC-containing products, is possible and popular with pure CBD as well. You can make joints using CBD buds or buy cbd pre rolls that make for a relaxing smoke session.

    If you enjoy the experience of smoking, whether alone in the backyard or with your friends, CBD is a much better option than cigarettes and other smokables.

    2. Under the Tongue

    CBD oil, one of the most common CBD products available today, is normally used by placing a drop underneath your tongue. By doing this, rather than swallowing the oil, it’s able to bypass the digestive system.

    The oil is able to pass through the membrane under your tongue and get into the bloodstream. This helps it get to work inside your body quicker.

    For CBD to take effect, use an oil dropper to place the desired amount of drops directly under your tongue. The oil then needs to sit still, in contact with the membrane under your tongue for 90 to 120 seconds. After this, you can then swallow the remaining oil.

    If you don’t enjoy the taste, you can use a big gulp of water or other beverage to wash it down. 

    3. On the Skin

    CBD products applied to the skin are also very popular. Creams, gels, lotions, and oils are all common.

    These are often used to provide soothing pain relief to areas that are sore, such as after a hard workout. They can also be massaged into the neck and shoulders to help reduce tension and stress.

    Many also benefit from applying to areas affected by arthritis or other chronic pain conditions. 

    4. Edibles

    Edible CBD infused products are extremely popular, though are generally less effective, or at least slower to provide notable effects.

    This is because the CBD has to pass through the digestive system before really getting into your system, which can take longer than any of the methods mentioned above.

    But edibles (or drinkables) are popular due to how easy they are. From gummies and candy to lattes and infused baked goods, consuming CBD is convenient. It’s easy to bring along CBD-infused snacks with you to pop in whenever you need them.

    Best CBD Products for Daily Wellness

    Now that you know what the best ways to take CBD are, it’s time to dive into the most popular products. There is a wealth of options when it comes to CBD products, but here are some of the best. 

    CBD Oil

    Simple and direct, pure CBD oil provides the benefits of CBD quickly. Simply place a drop under your tongue for fast effects.

    Otherwise, this versatile oil can be added to beverages such as cocktails, tea, smoothies, or even coffee. And you can try adding it into your favorite recipes, such as brownies, cake pops, and anything else.

    CBD Rub

    A quality CBD rub can provide much-needed relief if you have problem spots on your body. Achy knees, bad ankles, sore muscles, whatever the case, get some CBD rub.

    It’s perfect for having a partner massage onto your neck and shoulders after a long day.

    CBD Gummies

    One of the most popular CBD products available today is CBD gummies. These taste like candy, making them an absolute joy to eat. Just be careful not to eat too many at one time.

    These are great for keeping with you at all times, such as at work, in the car, or even while hiking. No hemp taste here!

    CBD-Infused Olive Oil

    Are you a competent or aspiring home chef? Then get some CBD-infused olive oil to drizzle on meals like salads or pizza, or to incorporate into various recipes.

    Olive oil already has tons of health benefits and tastes amazing, so adding CBD can only make it better, right?

    Never Bored With CBD

    There are hundreds of other CBD products you can try in order to prioritize daily wellness. You can have a different product and a different experience for each day of the month if you want.

    So if you love what CBD does for you, your never going to get bored.

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