May 23, 2024
    A physical expression of intimacy is a powerful experience and moment of bonding. This article shares three ways to express your love through touch.

    3 Intimate Ways to Physically Express Your Love and Passion

    Did you know that physical touch is considered one of the primary languages of love? When we say touch, we don’t necessarily mean sexual intimacy, even though that one is key, but we’re talking more about touches that boost your emotional intimacy.

    Unfortunately, with pop culture’s emphasis on sex, and a rather limited view of sex and its mechanics, a lot of people have forgotten how to use touch to express their love and nurture their emotional connection. 

    Keep on reading for our top four ways to express your love through touch and timing. We assure you, you’ll start feeling much closer to your boo after implementing those tips. 

    1. Express Your Love 101: Initiate Touch

    If you’re in a relationship where there’s one party that initiates touch all the time, it’s definitely time to switch it up. After all, your partner is sending a signal of love that needs to be returned. And, if you’re not reciprocating, then they might start thinking that their touch is considered a burden.

    You can start slow by touching your partner a bit more frequently. Integrate casual touches like brushing their arm, or even a shoulder squeeze, and build your way up from there. 

    2. Take Your Time and Set Your Time

    Life can get away from us due to the sheer speed that our regular lives tend to follow. However, it’s crucial to take the time to appreciate your significant other. Moreover, if you happen to run very tight schedules, all you need to do is add another fun timeslot to the rest. 

    From planning your future together to fun activities like choosing the best lube, different couples will have different needs and wants. Make sure to check-in with your partner about what you want to do during your precious blissful time together. 

    3. Choose the Right Level of PDA

    No, we’re not suggesting that you should start making out in the middle of Times Square, although if that’s your thing, then more power to you.

    Depending on your (and your partner’s) level of comfort, you’ll want to establish a baseline of public displays of affection. They can be of great help to reduce anxiety and stress during your regular day, as well as announcing to the whole wide world how much you care for and appreciate your partner. 

    They can be as simple as holding their hand in front of friends or family, or a tight hug once you meet them. These sort of gestures can truly make your partner feel loved, especially with the obvious signaling of loving them so much and you’d rather shout it from the rooftops. 

    Ready for a Relationship Boost?

    No matter how perfect your relationship is going, it can always benefit from additional expressions of love through touch. 

    We hope our little guide into the top three ways you can use to express your love made you start touching your boo a little more often than you did before.

    However, you’ll want to keep the verbal communication lines open, as physicality is great, but it’s not a replacement for verbal communication and consent. 


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