June 12, 2024

    Eric Wetlaufer on The Signs a Marriage is Over  

    Whenever someone gets married they never do so in the knowledge that one day it may all be over but unfortunately for many married couples, this is what does happen. In fact my good friend Eric Wetlaufer from back in Wesson has just gone through a divorce and just like myself when it happened, it took a while to realize that it was over. I spoke to my buddy about the signs that the marriage was, over, something that in retrospect were very clear to see, yet signs which didn’t see at the time. Here are some of the signs which you may need to look for, that a marriage is indeed entering its final stage.

    Wandering Mind

    Fidelity is essential in a marriage and that is the same for both men and women. When the marriage starts nearing the end however you may find yourself starting to look a little bit more towards other people, and thinking what things may be like with them. This could be strangers on the street or even company that you keep and when it starts happening, this is a sign that you are not happy. We all can appreciate beauty but when you start to think beyond that, the spells danger.


    The first thing that will usually go in a relationship is the communication and Eric states that whilst he and his wife used to speak to each other in a frank way all of the time, little by little that started to stop. When you can no longer communicate with your partner you will end up facing a great many arguments as a result, all of which Eric says point towards the end of the marriage, or at least show signs that you need to work together to repair it.

    Those Little Things

    Eric tells me that towards the end of his relationship both he and his ex-wife started to become highly annoyed by each others little foibles and nuances, something which they once loved about each other. The difference with your patience when you are nearing the end of the relationship compared to when you enter into it is huge and when you start becoming impatient at every turn, it is a sign that you can no longer co-exist with this person.

    Seeking the Way Out

    Eric tells me that almost a year before his split he was already looking into the details of divorce cases and what would happen in court. He says that although he was looking for this information he declined the thoughts in his mind that things were over, and felty as though he was just looking out of curiosity. Of course he can now look back and realize that he was looking because he wanted out, and if you start looking into such things it is a huge warning that the marriage doesn’t have much distance left to run.


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