June 21, 2024
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    The Importance of Accurate Document Translations

    The demand for translators is expected to grow by 20% over the next 10 years. That’s not an accident or a typo. The fact is that we’re in a global economy, and if you want to grow your business, you need to appeal to different cultures and languages.

    If you want to reach new audiences, you have to translate your documents into their native languages. You can’t simply rely on a translation program to do the work for you.

    Read on find out why accurate document translations are important to your business.

    1. Poor Translations Hurt Your Reputation

    Have you ever read an article and noticed a typo? We see it all of the time, and we immediately form a judgment in our minds about that publication.

    We do the same with document translations, even for things as simple as a misspelled word or an innocent misunderstanding.

    You may decide to plug things into Google translate or another free online translator and use what comes out. They’re not always accurate. People in the culture that you want to reach will notice. 

    2. Legal Implications of Bad Translations

    There are some documents that you can’t afford to take a chance with. Contracts, leases, or any other document with legal implications must have accurate translations.

    The legal language is a lot different than plain-spoken English. There are a lot of nuances that must be translated accurately. A bad translation can make a contract unenforceable.

    It can also hurt your legal case if you have to go to court.

    Not only that, but each language has its own legal definitions and nuance. These aren’t going to be picked up by artificial intelligence translators. Get a professional legal translation for all of your most important documents.

    3. Official Documents with Official Translations

    If you’re looking to conduct business in another country, you may have to register your business or submit a business plan.

    You can’t submit these documents in English. You’re required to submit the translated version of the documents to get the approval you need to conduct business. Have your documents translated in romanian or in other languages with Languex Translation.  

    If you’re planning to move to another country or you need a business visa, you’ll need to have official translations. Your new country or consulate may require that you use only translators that are approved by that consulate.

    Accurate Document Translations are Necessary

    Do you want to do everything you can to protect your business reputation? Why would you let a free online translator translate your most important documents?

    You could leave your business vulnerable to legal issues and you may not be able to enforce contracts because of bad document translations.

    You should turn to document translation services that rely on real people because they can capture the nuance and essence of the language that computers can’t.

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