June 15, 2024
    Picking the right color for your house is an important decision to make. This is how you can choose the best color for the outside of your home.

    Choosing the Best Color for the Outside of Your Home

    Picking the best color for the exterior of your house is a choice homeowners often neglect. 

    Instead, we focus on sprucing up every room inside our house. The interior home color will leave an impression on your guests. It’s the exterior house color, however, that will set the mood in your neighborhood.

    That’s why we’re going to give you tips on choosing the best color for exterior painting.

    Choose a Color Scheme

    You’re doing more than picking one color to paint the outside of your house. You’re picking a whole color scheme.

    This will help your home look more dynamic, rather than one-dimensional. The siding shouldn’t be the same color as the trim or the roof or the shutters. They should complement each other harmoniously, though. 

    Consider a blue, neutral, or gray color scheme, and don’t be afraid to mix and match. You can either play it safe with conventional colors or try a daring color to make your house stand out.

    Don’t Forget the Front Door

    A fresh coat of exterior painting on the front door is the perfect way to draw the eye of any passerby.

    Just because the rest of the house follows a certain color scheme, it doesn’t mean you can’t pick a funky color for your door. A splash of purple, teal, or lime green may be the perfect way to liven the paint job on your house.

    If you’re going bold with your front door, don’t pick a color that clashes with the rest of the exterior painting. Rather, pick a shade that complements the rest of the house color.

    To figure out which colors compliment one other, check out this color wheel. This tool will enable you to mix and match the perfect color combinations.

    Hire a Painter for the Job

    Picking out a house color or two may be the fun part, but then comes the actual painting. 

    Don’t leave the paint job up to anyone. Painting the home exterior is an arduous task that requires not only time but money. If you do it yourself, you’ll need to pay for paint supplies like brushes and scaffolding.

    That’s why it’s best to hire a painter for the job; if you’re looking for a painter in Ohio, you could check out a site like My House Painter (https://www.myhousepainter.com/painters/ohio/) to help you find painters in your area to choose from.

    A good professional will help you pick out the best combination of weather-resistant and stain-proof shades to keep your house looking pristine. Always make sure that you go with a recommended painter as well – you can ask friends and family for any recommendations, as well as check online. 

    To look for painters near the Raleigh area, click here. 

    Swatch the Paint on the House

    Once you’ve selected a few of your favorite colors, test them on both sides of the house. The paint will look different in the shade than it does in the sunlight.

    Then, come back throughout the day to see how the color looks during the day versus the evening or night. If it looks good to you at any hour, you’ve got your winner.

    Choosing the Best Color for Your House

    Choosing exterior painting for your house color is an exciting task for any homeowner.

    The best color combination for your home is sure to add vibrancy to both your house and your neighborhood. Let’s hope your neighbors agree!

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