April 24, 2024
    Whether you're trying oils, gummies, or capsules, getting your CBD edible dosage correct is important. Learn how much to use, plus where to start for beginners.

    How Much CBD Should You Be Consuming?

    With CBD on the rise because it’s legal, there is an influx of questions about how to take the product. Whether it be through pills, oils, and edibles, there are many questions surrounding the product. One of the most common questions relates to the CBD edible dosage.

    Are you wondering how much you should take? Then read on. Here is our guide to understanding the proper CBD edible dosage to get your desired results.

    What Are CBD Edibles?

    CBD edibles are a way of intaking CBD through the use of food substances. CBD itself is a cannabinoid that is found within cannabis and hemp plants. Most CBD products come from hemp to reduce the amount of THC, which is another cannabinoid of cannabis.

    THC is the component that is responsible for getting you high. The state laws will regulate how much THC you can have per serving in CBD products. Though THC does help with activating the endocannabinoid system.

    The endocannabinoid system is responsible for the regulation of our mood, sleep, immune, and inflammatory cycles. When we intake components that active this cannabinoid system effectively, we see a better response from this system.

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    How Do CBD Edibles Come?

    CBD edibles come in a plethora of different options. The most common is the gummy form. This is because gummies do a great job at masking the taste of CBD oil.

    The other popular option is CBD chocolate. Chocolate’s bitter taste does a great job at covering the overly earthy taste of the oil. In fact, you might even find that it compliments it.

    Beyond that, you have the option to make your own CBD edibles out of CBD oil. Common items include cookies, brownies, or gummies.

    The best method for making your own CBD edibles is to bake them in individual servings. Rather than making a huge pan of brownies, split them up so that you can measure out the CBD effectively.

    CBD Edibles for Anxiety and Sleep

    CBD dosage for edibles will depend on what seems to be the problem. When it comes to sleep and anxiety, you can typically use lower amounts of CBD, as these are more heavily impacted by the endocannabinoid system.

    Also, double-check to see what the other ingredients are in CBD edibles before jumping straight into the snack. These other ingredients can lead to extra drowsiness that you may not have been looking for.

    For those looking to take CBD edibles for anxiety, you roughly only need around 10 to 25 milligrams. Dosages will come down to weight and age, as well as the severity of the anxiety. The best time to take CBD is right before an anxiety-inducing activity, like presenting at a meeting or going on a long flight.

    If you want to take CBD for sleep, you should aim for slightly higher dosages. Taking around 15 to 30 milligrams seems to be sufficient at helping with people staying asleep. Do note that CBD is not great for helping people fall asleep, but rather, it’s good at helping individuals stay asleep.

    CBD Edibles for Inflammation

    The CBD edible dosage for pain is going to be much higher than for anxiety and sleep. This is thanks to our bodies being unable to control where it specifically needs to send anti-inflammatory cells. We can experience inflammation all over our bodies without even realizing it.

    For those that need to take CBD edibles for inflammation, be sure to take a larger dose of around 50 to 150 milligrams. The higher the dosage, the more effective it will be at activating the endocannabinoid system. For optimal results, try pairing CBD with other herbal supplements like turmeric or ginger, as they are also considered anti-inflammatory herbs.

    CBD also takes longer to kick in than when taking an over-the-counter pain reliever. Results can vary anywhere between two weeks to two months. Keep this in mind when deciding if CBD is working for you or not.

    CBD Edibles for Daily Wellbeing

    Many individuals are now just taking CBD for its overall wellbeing effects. CBD can help tackle the problems before they’re actually problems, by constantly keeping the endocannabinoid system activated, whether it’s just to help keep focus or simply because it helps deal with the stress from day-to-day life.

    For those looking to take CBD for everyday wellbeing purposes, look to take around 5 to 10 milligrams first thing in the morning. Pairing your CBD edible with a cup of coffee can be a great way to start the morning. By pairing it with coffee, you’re also allowing the caffeine to fuel your energy without getting those caffeine jitters, as the CBD will help balance it out.

    How Long Do CBD Edibles Last?

    CBD edibles will work similarly to CBD pills and oils. Depending on the purpose and how much got into your system, you can expect results to last anywhere from two to six hours.

    Keep in mind that chewing your CBD edible does decrease the amount of CBD that will get into the system. With that being said, aim to increase the recommended dosage by around double, just to ensure that you get the optimal effects.

    It is still unknown whether taking CBD for too long will increase your tolerance levels, but you should assume so. Every two to three months, you should try and take a break from CBD edibles to see how it helps.

    Get the Correct CBD Edible Dosage By Testing the Waters Yourself

    To ensure that you get the right CBD edible dosage, you’ll have to experiment on yourself. Everyone has a different weight, height, and age. This leads to a great variance when it comes to results.

    Some people will find it works after five milligrams, while others find it works best after 150.

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