April 24, 2024
    There are several landscaping tips and tricks that homeowners need to remember. You can learn more by checking out our guide here.

    5 Landscaping Tips and Tricks for Homeowners

    With households spending an average of $503 for landscaping and lawn maintenance, you need to think about how you can most efficiently utilize that money and your time.

    That’s what these landscaping tips and tricks are for! We’re here to give you a head-start to building a new yard or refreshing an existing one. Read on for 5 great points to consider.

    1. Build a Plan First

    Evaluate the space you will be working with and the areas you will have plants growing in. You need to take note of soil conditions, as well as the amount of light and water the areas gett. 

    You may have particular flowers and plants that you wish to grow. But if they do not pair well with the attributes of your space, you are setting yourself up to fail.

    This also includes considering the space on an aesthetic level. What colors do you want to incorporate and build a theme around? Certain plants may look beautiful on their own but create a cluttered area if you combine too many. If this step is too complicated for you or you have a lot of things in your mind, then you may want to hire a landscape designer Las Vegas (or anywhere else) to help you design the best design for your space.

    2. Creating Interest Year Round

    A good strategy is to set up your yard so that there are items of interest throughout each of the seasons. This also helps the yard keep its structure as well, preventing a huge amount of work during the warmer months.

    Of course, spring and summer will generally have the more colorful, flowering plants. But that does not mean that fall and winter are not without their interests.

    Fall has its beautiful palette and winter staple, the evergreen, which works perfectly as framing and pops of color in a winter landscape.

    The best landscaping strategies keep you coming back to see what will happen next during each time of the year.

    3. Color Isn’t Your Only Tool

    When thinking about landscaping ideas and a garden, most often, the mind turns to the variety of flowers. This isn’t surprising; color is often most striking upon first viewing.

    But there is more to strong design than simply what flowers you use. The shape and texture of your plants can play just as important a role in creating the personality of the landscape.

    By using the texture of different plants and manipulating their form, you will find that many plants that do not bloom at all will add layers of interest and form to your design.

    4. Working With Water Features

    No matter how they are created, focal points are part of quality design in landscaping. One of the most popular ways to create a strong focal point is the use of a “water feature”.

    These features have a unique visual style and often break up a design without making it jarring. They also, however, present a calming sense with the soothing sounds they emit. 

    When creating ponds or pools, simple yet effective elements such as Mexican beach rocks add another effective visual layer.

    The installation of water features is far easier than many initially believe and the benefits will far outweigh the time it takes to incorporate these elements into your landscape design.

    5. Seeds and Savings

    The costs for a landscaping project easily add up. But there are easy ways to cut those down. It is wise to opt for smaller plants when initially setting up your yard.

    This is especially effective with perennials, as these plants grow larger and larger each year. As long as you take care of these properly, you can eventually use the cuttings for other areas as well!

    Many plants that go to seed may cross germinate with closeby plants. Research to see if plants you are interested in fall into those categories. That will save you money as well.

    Use These Landscaping Tips and Tricks

    Now you have the plan to save time, money, and stress! If you stick to these landscaping tips and tricks, it’s no doubt your yard will come out like a dream.

    Once you are done decorating your yard, stop by the blog and see what other parts we can help with! 


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