April 24, 2024
    Are you looking for the ultimate house maintenance checklist to keep your home in top condition? Look no further, this complete guide has it all.

    Annual Home Maintenance: The Complete House Maintenance Checklist

    Did you know that most American homes will need improvement because almost 80 percent of them are 20 years old or older? If you want to learn a routine maintenance schedule, we can help.

    In this guide, we’ll go over a house maintenance checklist. Keep your house in top condition.

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    Maintenance Tasks for Every Month

    Each month, make it a priority to inspect and clean your HVAC filters. Experts suggest that homeowners change the filters every month.

    Yet, you might not need to do this each month for a small family that doesn’t have pets. You could change the filters every two months instead.

    Change any dirty filters you find. Try using cheaper filters and replace them more often compared to using expensive filters.

    You should also make sure you clean your kitchen sink disposal if you have one. To clean the disposal, you should put some vinegar in an ice cube tray.

    After the vinegar cubes freeze, run them through the disposal. The vinegar cubes will freshen your disposal, and the ice can sharpen the blade.

    Next, tackle the range hood filters in your kitchen. You can use a degreaser with hot water. Let the filter sit with the cleaning solution for a couple of minutes. Then, you’ll want to rinse the filter off.

    You’ll want to inspect your fire extinguisher if you have one. Make sure you can access the fire extinguisher. Check to see if the gauge shows adequate pressure and that there aren’t significant signs of wear and tear.

    Maintenance Tasks for the Spring

    In the spring, you should go and clean out your gutters. Check the exterior drainage as well.

    You should replace or repair any damaged window screens. Prepare your air conditioning system for the summer season.

    Consider clearing out dead shrubs or plants around your house. You should also check trees and make sure they don’t interfere with any electrical lines.

    Maintenance Tasks for the Summer

    Make sure to landscape your garden and lawn. Try to stick to a regular lawn mowing schedule. Consider adding new flowerbeds to your property.

    You should also clean your deck or patio and do any repairs. Clean your exterior furniture, and replace any broken pieces.

    You should also check your dryer vent and other exterior vents.

    Maintenance Tasks for the Fall

    In the fall, you should winterize your air conditioning system. You should also get your heating system ready for the winter season.

    Clean out your chimney, and make sure you inspect your driveway for any cracks.

    Consider turning off any outdoor water faucets.

    Maintenance Tasks for the Winter

    In the winter, make sure you tighten the doorknobs and handles. Inspect the deadbolts and locks on all your windows and doors.

    You should also inspect the caulking around bathtubs and showers. Get rid of the sediment in the showerheads.

    Make sure all your outdoor furniture gets put away in your garage. Get plenty of snow removal tools.

    Clear snow from your roof if it doesn’t fall off. You don’t want ice to end up damaging your roof. Learn more about signs of roof damage.

    Quarterly Maintenance Tasks

    Every four months, you’ll want to test the carbon dioxide and smoke detectors in your home. The sensors should have a test button.

    As long as the alarm sounds, you’re in good shape. If the alarm doesn’t sound, replace the batteries and try again. You might need to get a new detector if it doesn’t work.

    You should inspect your roof as well. Look out for any peeling or cracked shingles. 

    Check your garage door to make sure the auto-reverse features still work. You can test this every month.

    Your garage door should reverse after hitting a piece of wood or small object. If it doesn’t, bring in a professional repair person. You don’t want anyone getting stuck in the door.

    Do you have guest bathrooms? You should run the water and flush the toilets in these spaces.

    You don’t want to have any grime build-up. Run water through these sources often so you can prevent this from happening.

    Twice a Year

    Twice a year, you should try and give your house a deep clean. Clean the appliances, windows, and doors.

    Make sure you deep clean the basement and get rid of any grime or dirt build-up. Regular cleaning will also boost the value of your home because you’re maintaining it well.

    You should test the water heater’s pressure relief valve. You can prevent any corrosion and mineral buildup and protect against leakage. Your heater will also run better.

    You should also replace the batteries in carbon dioxide and smoke detectors. Make sure you add this to your list and don’t forget. 

    Consider vacuuming your refrigerator coils. The fridge uses a large percent of a home’s total power. You want your fridge to run in an efficient manner. You can save money by vacuuming the refrigerator coils.

    Now You Have a House Maintenance Checklist

    We hope this guide on home maintenance was helpful. Use this house maintenance checklist and keep your home in top shape.

    Change the batteries in smoke and carbon dioxide detectors every six months. Change the HVAC filters, and check your water heater’s pressure relief valve.

    Are you looking for more home tips? Check out our resources on the blog.


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