June 14, 2024

    6 Signs You Need New Floors for Your Home

    Dog hair. Spilled wine. And millions (yes, sorry), millions of particles of shredded skin flakes. A lot is going on under the microscope on your floor at home. Isn’t it time you got a flooring makeover? 

    Well, it’s a significant investment, you might be thinking to yourself. I was planning on a new sofa. The flooring doesn’t look too bad. Does it? Do I need to buy new flooring? Or can I get away with a few quick fixes here and there? 

    We are here to answer all your questions. Read on as we explain the six telltale signs that you need new floors for your home asap. 

    1. Cracked or Broken Tiles

    Confession time: are you hiding an unsightly cracked or broken tile under a rug? It might be a quick way to deal with the problem, but those cracked tiles need addressing soon, especially if you intend to sell your house.

    Miniscule cracks in a handful of tiles might be good candidates for a quick repair job if you can get a like-for-like replacement. But maybe it’s time to spruce up the home flooring with a new tile design throughout.  

    2. A Mystery Smell

    We tend to get used to the smells around us. The only way to know if your room smells is to check it after a few days away from home. Does it smell musty? Or worse? It could be your carpet.

    You could opt for a professional carpet cleaner to deal with the problem. However, if the carpet is old, weigh up the cost of a professional clean against splurging on a replacement. 

    3. Dust Allergies

    Do you find yourself sneezing when you wake up in the morning? That’s a sure sign of a dust mite allergy.

    Dust mites love carpets, and even a good carpet clean won’t solve the problem. Replace your carpet, and wake up with a feeling of bliss. 

    4. Uneven Floorboards

    Uneven floorboards tend to be more common in old, period properties that still possess the original flooring.

    However, uneven floors can become a hazard in the home, particularly if you have pets or children. The creaking floorboards can become a nuisance.

    You could replace a few troublesome boards to fix the problem. However, if the flooring is old, you’ll find it challenging to get a perfect match. In that case, it’s best to refit the entire room. 

    5. You Are Selling Your Home

    Buyers notice things like dirty carpets or broken tiles. Their immediate reaction is that it will cost them money to replace it so that instantly devalues your home.

    Always invest in good quality, new flooring to make your house look showhome-ready in time for selling. 

    6. Termite Damage

    Termites can damage hardwood and laminate flooring. Sometimes it isn’t apparent on the surface, as they prefer the underneath part of the flooring.

    Test different floor areas for a hollow sound when hitting the wood with a hard object. Check out flooring options at Ultimate Floors to find the perfect replacement for termite-damaged wood. 

    Replace Floors for Your Home Today

    Replacing floors for your home might feel like a job you can delay, but think again. A brand new flooring will immediately boost your well-being and transform your interior. 

    Head to our life and household section now if you’d like to get more advice on home renovations. 


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