April 17, 2024
    Finding the right gun for your needs requires knowing what can hinder your progress. Here are common gun buying mistakes and how to avoid them.

    6 Common Gun Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Are you looking to take up hunting as a hobby?

    Studies show that over 82 million Americans partake in hunting and fishing as a pastime. Aside from being a unique hobby, hunting is also a great way to sustain yourself and your family. There are plenty of types of guns, but most hunters use rifles for hunting.

    You can find many choices in various online gun stores and local shops. If you’re looking to purchase your very first gun, there are some things you first need to know. Additionally, if what you want is something specialist like an air rifle, you should start by visiting an air gun shop in your area or looking one up online.

    This article covers six common gun buying mistakes to avoid. Read on to find out more.

    1. Buying Cheap

    It can be tempting to buy the first good deal you see. However, buying a cheap rifle will hinder your progress and can even be dangerous. Many online gun stories may offer guns for as cheap as $400 to $450.

    These guns may not be as reliable as a trusty AR-15 for $600. Guns are an investment, so try not to cut costs when comparing gun prices. You can find a great rifle for $700 to $800 with quality components.

    2. Lacking Research

    AR-15 rifles are available in various makes and models. Each rifle fits a specific specialty, whether you’re buying to hunt or to practice at a shooting range. Before walking into a gun store, it’s always best to do your research first.

    Look into specific brands and models that fit your desired use. Take your time browsing customer reviews, and don’t take bad reviews for granted. Look at how the brand responds to negative comments, as this tells a lot about the company and how it treats its buyers.

    Looking for a reliable online gun store? Take a look here.

    3. Forgetting to Consider Accessories

    AR-15 rifles are some of the most versatile and customizable guns around. You can attach a scope and upgrade the handrail according to your needs. However, know that these accessories don’t come with the actual gun.

    Most AR-15s come with only one magazine. If you’re looking to go hunting soon, work other accessories into your budget. This may include ammo, extra magazines from somewhere like Thermold Magazines, and a carrying bag.

    4. Not Checking Your State Laws

    It’s always good practice to check with your local and state laws about owning a gun. Most states require AR-15 barrels to measure 16 inches at most. Other states may require a fixed magazine and allow limited capacity.

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    5. Buying Without Proper Training

    Guns are a responsibility as much as they are an investment. Before you even look into buying your first gun, practice at a gun range first. Many states offer gun ownership and rifle training classes.

    6. Disregarding Maintenance

    Quality guns are expensive but are also the most reliable. However, to keep your gun in good shape, you need to know how to maintain your gun. Ensure to buy the proper cleaning products and materials to maintain its condition.

    Common Gun Buying Mistakes to Avoid

    Now you know the most common gun buying mistakes beginner shooters commit. When buying your first gun, use this as a guide to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

    Buying a gun can be an exciting experience, and owning it can be empowering. However, as a gun owner, there are some ethics you need to follow. Check out our other blog posts to find more gun ownership tips from other gun owners.


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