May 17, 2024
    make money with your blog

    5 Ways To Start Making Money Today With Your Online Blog

    The world of blogging may not seem like a viable way to make money to some people, but it can actually be a very successful source of income if you put your mind to it. If you’re one of those people that has always been interested in creating an online presence, but just don’t see the potential for money making, think again. There are several ways to start generating a solid income with your blog. Check out how to use advertising, digital products, affiliate marketing strategies, services, and physical products to your advantage when it comes to your blog.


    Advertising is quite possibly the most common way to make money by blogging. This method is much more difficult than it once was in the past, however, and it requires your website to have a lot of traffic. If companies see that your blog is generating a lot of interest and traffic among their main clientele and potential customers, it’s possible that they’d be interested in advertising their products on your webpage. This advertising could be in the form of display ads of their products within your content, or companies might pay you to write blog posts mentioning their products.

    Digital Products

    If you’re interested in creating your own digital products, like Ebooks or online courses, generate income by selling them on your blog. Creating a digital product requires little to no monetary investment, so there is not much risk involved (other than the time spent creating the product). In addition to Ebooks and courses, there are several other forms of digital money making products. If you are a skilled photographer, sell your photos online. Or if you decent at coding, create an app or plugin that people would find useful.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Similar to advertising, affiliate marketing involves promoting someone else’s product to your readers. You use affiliate links within your content that lead to the service or product you’re promoting, and when your readers click that link and purchase the product you earn a commission. It’s fairly simple to incorporate these links throughout your content, and there are lots of affiliate programs you can join. Some include Amazon Associates, Target, and Bluehost. There is even a way to create your shop through the Amazon Influencer Program.

    Offering Services

    If you have a specific skill or service your readers might be interested in, by all means utilize this. Lots of bloggers have skills related to what they’re writing about, so they offer services either physically or virtually to their readers. Some might include organizing, cooking, decorating, personal training, or acting as a virtual assistant.

    Physical Products

    Depending on the type of blog you have created, you might have physical products to sell. For example, if you are a blogger on DIY skin care products, you might be interested in selling some of these products to make some extra cash. Other forms of physical products could be books (if you are a published author), handmade home and beauty products, or even offering in-person classes and seminars.


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