May 23, 2024
    Wondering about getting a pro to build your deck system? Check out our article to see five reasons why this is a good idea.

    5 Reasons to Look Into a Professional Deck System

    Building a deck in your backyard is one of the best investments you can make. It will improve your quality of life and give your family a space to share special memories.

    But for many handy homeowners, the temptation is to try putting one together yourself. Let’s be real; it’s a bad idea.

    If you don’t build decks for a living, it’s not time to start. Your home deserves a deck castle rock co (or wherever it is you are) constructed and guaranteed by professionals.

    When done right, it’s going to last decades, providing you with the best place to relax and unwind. Wondering why building a deck should only be done by a professional? Keep reading for all the answers.

    1. Approval and Permits

    Adding a proper deck to your home isn’t an impromptu decision you can make. And you can’t just start building whenever you want.

    You’re going to need permits and city approval before you put down a single board. That also means you’re going to need a plan that you can show city officials.

    Does getting approval sound like a drag? It certainly is, which is why it’s best to let your deck contractor take care of it. 

    2. Safety

    Sure, you know how to use tools, cut wood, and do basic carpentry. But building shelves is different than adding a home deck. 

    A deck is designed to hold the weight of multiple people, often over a drop or a hill. Plus, it needs to hold the weight of tables, chairs, grilling equipment, and more.

    There’s a lot of engineering and architectural work that goes into constructing a safe deck. Building it yourself could put you and your family in danger if you don’t have experience building supportive structures like this.

    If you want your deck to be safe and reliable, so it’s a place to relax and not a place to fear, then hire a professional.

    3. Warranty and Repairs

    When you have a professional company build your deck, it will often come with a warranty. This provides peace of mind knowing that if something were to go wrong with your deck, the company would be available to make repairs or replacements.

    When you build a deck yourself, you don’t have this kind of support. However, even if you have a DIY deck or a deck that is simply getting older, you can hire a company like Atlantic Deck Systems for deck repair, even if they didn’t build the original deck. 

    4. Boost Home Value

    One of the biggest benefits of a deck is the increase in home value and attractiveness to buyers. Homebuyers love outdoor spaces.

    And if your deck is professional, clean, and up to date, it will provide real value. However, if it was built poorly and looks more like an eyesore than an outdoor living room, it isn’t going to help your home’s value. 

    5. Fast and Easy Deck System

    When you hire a professional, your deck will be finished in just a few days, not weeks or months. While you might think you are saving money by building your deck, are you really?

    Think about all the countless hours you are pouring into that project and ask if it’s really worth your time. Don’t spend the summer building a deck, spend it enjoying a deck.

    Boosting Happiness

    A properly built deck system will always improve personal happiness. Humans are meant to spend time outside, under the sun, breathing fresh air. Having a well-built deck will empower you to do this every single day.

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