May 19, 2024
    In order to keep your company safe online, there are a couple things you need to know and do. Here are our best cybersecurity tips.

    4 Important Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

    Keeping your small business safe from cyber-attacks should be high on your priority list.

    For the last 20 years, most companies have made the switch to online work and the past couple has seen a shift towards remote work environments. If it was already difficult to handle cybersecurity threats before, it’s much worse now. This makes IT and cybersecurity more important than ever before.

    In this post, we’re going to help you avoid security breaches by giving you 4 crucial cybersecurity tips for small businesses. Read on and you’ll be well equipped to deal with whatever threats come at you now and in the future.

    1. Conduct Security Risk Assessment

    Before you start solving your cybersecurity problems, you need to assess what exactly those are. By conducting a security risk assessment, you’ll begin to understand the biggest threats to your business, whether it be human action, natural disasters, or system failures.

    Not only can these help you understand what you need to focus on now, but regular risk assessments will tell you if your adjustments are actually working. 

    2. Use Several Layers of Protection

    It might feel inconvenient for your employees to use multiple layers of protection, but it’s the only thing that you can be sure will prevent cyber attacks from succeeding. Start with employee passwords, making sure your employees are always using strong ones and changing them on a regular basis. Multi-factor authentication is also important when accounts are accessible through multiple devices. 

    You can also monitor your employee accounts, deploy firewalls, VPNs, and antivirus software to ensure a low level of vulnerability. Hiring small business IT support can help you to build systems that keep intruders out. If you’re asking yourself, “what is IT architecture?”, then managed IT services should be in your future.

    3. Train Employees Properly

    You can integrate all of the cybersecurity that you want for your small business, but if your staff isn’t well equipped to stave off these threats, then it’ll all be for nothing. Employee negligence is one of the main causes of security failings. According to CNBC, nearly 50% of businesses say that human error – a lost phone or document – has been the cause of a major data breach.

    To avoid this, you need to instill a sense of urgency in your employees by training them on the consequences of cybersecurity breaches. The more they know about the importance of staying alert, the less likely you’ll deal with these major issues.

    4. Stay Updated

    Update your software updated whenever new ones are available. Out of date software is known to make businesses vulnerable and that’s usually what cybercriminals go after. It’s easier to develop tactics to gain access to older software.

    Using things like remote monitoring and management tools can allow you to keep your systems updated down to the minute. Remember to update all of your devices in the company and not just your laptops. With smartphones taking over as the main method of communication, they’ve become a much bigger target.

    Take These Cybersecurity Tips to Heart

    These cybersecurity tips should keep your business and its data safe, but it’s important never to rest on your laurels. Cybercriminals are always working hard to gain access to your data, so as long as you keep your guard up and constantly try to improve your security, then you should avoid a major catastrophe. 

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