May 23, 2024

    3 Tips for Hiring a Weed Control Services Company

    Did you know that there are over 621,000 lawn maintenance companies in America? It’s great to have choices, but finding the best lawn care service can be difficult.

    Are you looking for local lawn care services to help with weed control? Do you know how to hire the best company to take care of your lawn?

    Our guide will offer three useful tips to help you choose residential lawn care services and end weeds.

    1. Proper Herbicides for Weed Control

    Sometimes you can buy a cheap weed killer from a home improvement store for smaller areas. But larger spaces and full lawns often need specific herbicides and pesticides. This careful selection prevents lawn damage.

    In addition, store-bought weed control formulas don’t have enough strength to kill certain weeds. Make sure the lawn care experts you hire use commercial-grade herbicides specific to your lawn.

    These experts should evaluate all areas of your yard and might use different chemicals for different sections. Make sure they’re reputable and don’t cut corners or it defeats the purpose of hiring experts.

    2. Prioritize Grass Protection

    Weeds starve different grass types like fescues, bluegrasses, and bentgrasses of nutrients. Your lawn can develop diseases without proper nutrients, air, and water. Weeds also turn lawns into breeding grounds for pests.

    Hiring an expert lawn care team ensures that your grass remains healthy while eliminating weeds. A qualified company often uses lawn fertilization along with their weed control to feed yards.

    Your hired professional should also prioritize mulching your landscaping. It prevents weed growth in landscaping that can spill into your lawn. Old mulch is less effective and lawn care experts should replace it as needed.

    3. Advanced Lawn Care Knowledge

    The service you hire should perform soil tests on your lawn. This is because major weed infestations usually correspond to poor soil quality. Poor soil often creates ideal environments for algae, insects, and pests.

    Weeds and pests eventually start affecting flowers, shrubs, and other landscaping. Professional soil tests check pH levels to make sure they’re correct. It also helps decide which herbicides and fertilizers to use.

    Experts should also use a pre-emergent treatment to stop weeds before they develop. Pre-emergent solutions focus on the soil to prevent the germination process of the weeds.

    Professionals should also maintain a good balance of organics in your lawn. The soil test helps determine if those levels need improvement. Organic matter helps bushes, trees, and other plants thrive.

    Hiring a Lawn Care Service

    Now you know how to properly hire a lawn care service for weed control. Inquire about the herbicides they use and get confirmation that they’re safe for your lawn. Make sure they use mulches to treat all landscaping, too.

    Remember, the best experts go the extra mile and perform services like soil tests. They should prioritize pre-emergent treatments as well as eliminate current weeds. 

    Follow this guide’s criteria and select the best local lawn care team available. Check out our life and household category for more great tips.


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