May 23, 2024

    Your Business’ Curb Appeal

    You may sell the most wonderful products or provide excellent services, but if the outside of your business looks shabby and uninviting, you may be losing customers. So make an effort to spruce up your business’ curb appeal so that you can draw customers in rather than chase them away.

    Fix Your Parking Lot

    Your customers are going to be more than a little annoyed if they have to dodge potholes in your parking lot. So contact a company that specializes in parking lot paving, and get your lot up to standard. You should make sure that lines and signage are clear and logical, too, so that your customers know where (and where not) to drive and park.

    Add Some Signs

    Signs can attract customers to your business. Consider purchasing a digital sign, for instance, that you can program with your latest sales and information. You could even throw in a few images or inspiring messages to catch the eye of passersby. Try some vinyl signs for your windows, too, or a banner above your entrance. Use bright colors, and make sure messages are short and to the point.

    Make Repairs

    Is your building looking a bit run down? This could send potential customers a negative message. Peeling paint, cracked windows and broken concrete sidewalks or steps do not scream, “Shop here!” Instead, they might say, “Go elsewhere!” So make necessary repairs. This may cost some money upfront, especially if you aren’t exactly a do-it-yourself guru and have to hire a handyman or contractor. But a well-maintained building will tell your customers that you care about your business and their safety.

    Do Some Landscaping

    Finally, don’t neglect your business’ landscaping. If you have grassy areas around your building, keep them neatly mowed. You might plant small bushes or flowers to provide color and texture. You could even add in a small seating area with a wrought iron bench where your customers can sit and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Even if you don’t have a large space to work with, you can at least hang flower baskets or landscape around your building to create a small green space for plants or flowers. Your customers will be impressed.

    The look of your business’ building is important. It can draw your customers in or make them think twice. So make sure your business’ curb appeal is up to standard with a smooth parking lot, good signage, proper repairs and appealing landscaping. Your customers will appreciate your efforts.


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