May 23, 2024
    Heating your home in the winter can get costly, but it doesn't necessarily have to be. Here are 5 winter heating tips to keep you nice and cozy this season.

    5 Helpful Tips to Reduce Heating Costs in the Winter

    In 2019, the average American household paid about $911 to heat their homes over the winter. Are you prepared to pay that much through the 2020-2021 winter season?

    If not, then you’re not alone. The majority of Americans are struggling to get by during this pandemic. Don’t panic! We’re here to bring you the top five winter heating tips that will help you stay warm and save money.

    Read on to get informed and learn how to heat your home on a budget.

    1. Invest in a Smart Thermostat

    We know how important your money is right now. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure any money you’re spending is an investment.

    One way to cut down your energy costs is to invest in a smart thermostat. These devices usually cost anywhere from $100-$250. That’s a big chunk of money, but you’ll save more than that in the long-run.

    In fact, the average customer saves about $131 a year after getting a smart thermostat. That means a 10-12% reduction in heating costs this winter! With savings like those, you’ll get your money back within a year of using it.

    2. Inspect Your Vents

    Does your home never seem to get warmer despite turning up the heat? Your problem could be a blocked vent!

    Go room to room and ensure that nothing’s blocking your vents. This simple step could help you save tons of money on your winter heating bill.

    3. Open Up the Stove After Cooking Dinner

    Heating your home using a stove isn’t efficient. If you’re already cooking a meal, though, why not take advantage of the heat?

    Once you’ve cooked, leave your stove open. This will let the heat escape into your home. You’ll immediately feel the difference!

    4. Schedule a Heater Check-Up

    Are you attempting to budget your way through the winter? If so, then you need to allot some of your money towards heater maintenance. Choose your HVAC fuel provider carefully, a reputable company like W.C. Eshenaur and Son, Inc. should be a great choice for your home.

    A heating service professional will do a full system check-up. They’ll ensure your heaters are operating to their fullest capabilities. That means you’ll save money and waste less electricity on inefficient systems.

    A professional will also help prevent (and solve) minor heating issues. On top of all that, regular maintenance extends the life of any heating system.

    5. Watch Your Windows

    How often do you open and close the curtains during the day? If you’re not watching your windows, then you’re wasting money!

    Start keeping thick dark curtains on your windows, and close them at night. If your window gets direct sunlight, then open them in the day.

    Follow These Winter Heating Tips to Save Money

    Did your household suffer from income loss or a financial setback in 2020? If so, then you’re likely worried about how to keep your family warm and secure this winter.

    Now, you know five actionable ways to stay warm even if you’re on a budget. Use these winter heating tips to help your family not only survive but thrive as we head into 2021.

    Are you looking for more pro-tips and helpful advice to help you make 2021 a better year for you and your loved ones? If so, then you’re in luck! Keep browsing through our life section to get informed and become empowered.


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