June 21, 2024

    Why Bonworth is The Perfect Place For Mum and Daughter Shopping

    As any mother with a diameter does, I love nothing more than taking my teenage daughter out shopping. Our favorite place to go is Bonworth, a shop which perfectly caters to a mother and daughter and it is a store which is always our first port of call when we head out shopping here in Henderson, North Carolina. It seems that we are inundated these days with clothing shops but this store that COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar has created is a truly wonderful place and I want to talk a little today about why you and your daughter are sure to have a very positive experience in this store.


    If you do have a daughter then you will know only too well how costly a trip to the shops with her can be, and if you are a little hard up it is a difficult thing to tell your daughter that you cannot go. This is where Bonworth really does well for me because it offers some high street trends at a fraction of the cost. In fact both my daughter  and I can get bags full of clothes – something which we always do – without it costing the earth. There are always sales and promotions on too, which means you get even more bang for your buck.

    Family Ready

    Another aspect that I absolutely love about these outlet stores is that they clearly know how common it is for a mother and daughter to shop together, so the layout is designed in that way. Too many stores which you go to only cater to one demographic but here I am able to get the trends which I like, and my daughter can get the stuff that she likes too, without us having to go to a number of different stores.


    I have always liked the ethos of this company, they are built on great morals and that is something that is quite rare in today’s world, I also like the fact that the largest percentage of their staff are women. What this means is that when you go into a Bonworth store, you are perfectly looked after by girls and women who know exactly what you are looking for. In fact because we go to the store so regularly, we are on first name terms with the staff and they always make a beeline for us to see how they can help.


    If you are in any doubt as to how great a store this is, you only need to like at the positive reviews and the many stars which are given in reviews about both shopping there, and working there. We should aim to support stores like Bonworth who deliver just what you need for a perfect shopping trip which you can take your daughter on, although I must warn you, you will come home with lots of stuff!


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