May 23, 2024

    Where Do You Use Heavy-Duty Casters?

    Heavy-duty casters are essential in manufacturing plants. Automobile, aircraft, and heavy equipment manufacturing plants all require heavy-duty casters to move large parts. They make manual work less strenuous and enable workers to move large parts more easily. The heavy duty wheels are especially helpful for moving large airplane parts in an auto assembly line. They can also be used in restaurants and places where heavy-duty equipment must be transported frequently.

    Heavy-Duty Equipment

    When purchasing heavy-duty casters, consider the weight each caster will support. Heavy-duty casters are available in a range of capacities, from twelve hundred to eight thousand pounds each. You can choose a top-plate swivel type or a kingpin-less caster with stainless-steel caster pins. Choose casters with the appropriate weight rating based on your operation’s weight and terrain.

    Other applications for heavy-duty casters include airplane hangar doors, where the casters must support the weight of huge aircraft. It allows the door to be moved either manually or automatically. Helicopter landing pads also rely on heavy-duty casters. The casters make it easy for workers to move heavy helicopters and landing pads, and the wheels are attached to landing dollies to increase the stability and ease of handling.

    Restaurant Equipment

    While restaurant supplies often have installed casters, these pieces can take a beating. Replacing them yourself can save you money and hassles, especially considering that industrial casters can add a lot of height to your equipment. You can even install swivel casters to earn bonus points from health inspectors. In addition, casters are a universal fixture in a restaurant kitchen, so installing them yourself will save you money on service call costs.

    In addition to being a necessity for restaurant equipment, they also make cleaning easier. For example, heavy-duty casters are a must for commercial convection ovens, which must be wiped down daily to avoid causing damage or injury. They also protect the sides of these appliances and can be used during repair operations. Purchasing replacements is easy, and you can choose casters for restaurant equipment of any brand.

    Industrial Equipment

    Industrial equipment often needs casters with high capacities. However, choosing the right caster can be a daunting task. Depending on the type of industrial equipment you need to move, you may need a medium-duty caster or a heavy-duty caster. In either case, you should look at the weight of the cart and the casters’ capacity before choosing. Consider how much the cart weighs, and divide the total weight by three to ensure you have enough casters for the task at hand.

    Industrial heavy-duty casters are typically used for moving or transporting heavy loads. In addition, they may be used for moving packages, transferring materials from a vehicle, or for many other purposes. The range of applications for heavy-duty casters is nearly endless. 

    Manufacturing Plants

    Manufacturing plants that produce heavy machinery and equipment use heavy-duty casters. Heavy-duty wheels are required in aircraft assembly plants, auto assembly plants, and manufacturing plants for heavy equipment/earthmoving equipment. Heavy-duty casters allow workers to move heavy parts and assemblies to various locations throughout the plant with greater ease, making manual labor less taxing on your employees’ backs. Heavy-duty casters can also be used along assembly lines in high-volume manufacturing environments, such as automobile and aircraft assembly plants, to move heavy parts smoothly throughout the assembly process.


    Heavy-duty caster wheels are used to move large workpieces, assemblies, and equipment in the aerospace and aircraft manufacturing processes. Heavy-duty casters are an essential component for aircraft engine stands, allowing the technician to easily move and lock the work stand. On aircraft tow bars, heavy-duty casters with high-speed bearings are also used.

    Heavy-duty wheels can also be found on airplane hangar doors. Heavy-duty casters for hangar doors may be stiff, but they must support the weight of the massive doors. These casters allow the doors to be easily moved by one or two people or by an automatic switch.


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