July 12, 2024

    What to Look For in a Commercial Cleaning Services Company

    Do your offices look dusty, cluttered, and unorganized? Letting your employees work in a messy environment can cause them unnecessary stress. High stress levels could impact their ability to remain productive.

    Instead of leaving your offices in a state of disarray, consider hiring a commercial cleaning company this year. Not sure who to hire? Here are a few factors to consider during your search.

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    Currently, there are over 1,136,600 businesses working in the janitorial services industry. If you want to find the best commercial cleaning company, look for experience. Some of these companies have worked in the industry longer than others.

    A team that has years of hands-on experience will know how to work productively. Their efficiency can save you time and money — click for sustainable cleaning solutions from an experienced company.

    They’ll also know how to tackle specific problem areas using the proper cleaning materials and equipment.

    Consider your workspace, too. Some teams specialize in offices, warehouses, and other commercial spaces. Make sure the business cleaning options on your list suit your specific business or space.


    Make sure each cleaning company on your list has the proper credentials. First, make sure the company is licensed to work in the area.

    Ask if they have worker’s compensation or general liability insurance, too. If anything is stolen or damaged, you’ll have peace of mind. You won’t have to pay out of your own pocket to cover anyone’s injuries in the event of an accident, either.

    Ask if the cleaning team completes routine training as well.


    Determine what cleaning services each company offers and what supplies they use. For example, some janitorial companies now over COVID cleaning services.

    Some companies use all-natural cleaners or HEPA vacuums for more thorough cleaning services.

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    Look online for customer reviews for the business cleaning options on your list. You can find reviews on the company’s testimonials page. Check the BBB website or the company’s Google Business listing as well.

    Read a handful of reviews for each business. Make sure they have a strong reputation.

    If you see the same complaints repeat, you’ll likely experience the same problems, too. Remove that company from your list and keep searching.


    Ask three different companies for an itemized list of their cleaning services. Then, review your business cleaning options. Gathering more than one quote could help you determine the average price in your area.

    If someone’s pricing is higher than competing businesses, determine why that is.

    Ask each company for a copy of their contract, too. Do they offer a guarantee? What if you’re not satisfied with their work?

    Make sure the company will come back to finish the job.

    Squeaky Clean: Hire the Best Commercial Cleaning Company Today

    Make sure you find the best commercial cleaning company in town. With these tips, you can narrow down your options. The best cleaning company will ensure your workspace remains spotless year-round.

    Start searching with these tips today.

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