April 24, 2024

    What Does a Freelance Graphic Design Contract Involve? A Closer Look

    Did you know that graphic design is ranked 9th among global business activities? And that’s not all, but over 90% of graphic designers are freelancers? 

    It’s easy to understand what a graphic design contract should include and entails if you’re an employee or doing the employment, but what happens with a freelance graphic design contract? How does it differ? 

    If you’re wondering what this involves, keep reading to find out exactly how freelance graphic design contracts work. 

    Freelance Graphic Design Contracts

    A graphic design contract is vital for a freelance graphic designer since it not only assures the client of what will be delivered, but it also protects the designer and their hard work.

    While in-house graphic designers and design agencies may have access to a business lawyer or HR department, freelancers are on their own. In an ideal world, you’ll never have a disagreement with a client but a contract is there to help protect you from this. 

    So, what goes into this contract?

    1. Work Or Project Description 

    A freelance graphic design contract should include a very detailed description of the work being sourced. This is a section that details what work the client has requested and what the designer will deliver at the end of the contract. 

    2. List Of Deliverables 

    The deliverables section will go over exactly what you’ll be giving your client. It’s as simple as that.

    You’ll want to make a list of everything in this area. The more particular you can be, the better, this is for both sides. 

    You will want to know exactly what the expectations are, such as is the design of business cards included? Did the initial request include the design of web banners?

    All of this needs to be written down and agreed upon.

    3. Payment Agreements  

    This section is equally important for both parties. The contract is your agreement on the rate for the work requested. 

    This should detail the final amount as well as deposit agreements and payment terms. To hire a graphic designer isn’t easy, but it’s easier if you know exactly what you can expect financially from the agreement. 

    Also, this section should go into detail on how extra hours will be calculated and what they will cost, should additional revisions or additional work be requested that are not part of the original agreement. 

    Great Graphic Design 

    Being on top of your freelance graphic design contract means that you can manage expectations with regard to the work. But in order to foster a positive working relationship, both the designer and the payee should be transparent at the contract writing stage. 

    This will help manage unexpected costs that might occur or deadlines that might need to be extended. 

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