June 13, 2024
    Are you wondering to yourself: how do I turn on my water and sewer services? If yes, learn more about water and sewer services now.

    Water Worries: How Do I Turn On My Water and Sewer Services?

    According to the EPA, the average American uses about 82 gallons of water a day. That’s a lot of water! Such volume shows how essential water and sewer services are to everyday American life.

    Whether moving to a new place or turning it back on after an absence, you need to know how to turn on your water and sewer services as soon as you need them. We’ve assembled this guide with everything you need to know about getting your water flowing. Read on.

    How to Turn on Your Water Services

    As with most utilities, the local government supplies water services to your home. While the government handles the water itself, turning your water services on and off takes different methods based on if you live in a house or an apartment.

    How to Turn on Water Services in Your House

    Homeowners have more direct control over their water services than apartment dwellers.

    Homeowners often have direct access to their supply valves. To turn your water on and off via a supply valve, first, locate your valve. Then, turn the valve counterclockwise to turn your water on, or clockwise to turn it off.

    Despite this direct control, you should still consult your water company before you make any manual changes. They’ll help you with any extra steps you might miss, and make sure your bill turns on and off appropriately.

    How to Turn on Water Services in Your Apartment

    Apartment water services are mostly handled by your apartment’s landlord. Services vary from building to building, so we recommend reaching out to your apartment’s utility office.

    How to Turn on Your Sewer Services

    Sewer services represent the portion of your water that goes down the drain, rather than getting consumed.

    More often than not, the same office handles both your water and sewer services. As such, turning on your sewer services is a very similar process to turning on your water services.

    If you’re a homeowner, give your sewer services a call to get things in motion. A quick Google of “sewer service near me” will get you the information you need to reach out. 

    Meanwhile, if you live in an apartment building, alert your landlord of the date you need your sewer services turned on.

    Why are Sewer Services More Expensive Than Water Services?

    Via Montclair Local, energy consultant Sam Adjangba states it is not unusual for sewer bills to be higher than water bills. When both services rely on water, why is this the case?

    While water and sewer services usually use the same water, they don’t use the same pipelines. According to the Boothbay Harbor Sewer District, most wastewater flows by gravity, meaning contractors need to build those pipes on slopes. The difference in construction cost directly impacts your bill.

    Differences in treatment between sewage and drinking water, plus other differences in use, may also impact your bill.

    How to Maintain Water and Sewer Services

    To keep water and sewer services running, systems need maintenance. Companies such as Utility Service & Maintenance, INC. offer asset management planning, and other services to keep utilities running smoothly. If you suspect your utilities need a fix, call a utility service and maintenance company as soon as possible. 

    Turn on Your Water and Sewer Services Now

    Turning on your water and sewer services is often as simple as a call away. Waste no time, and make sure your services are there when you need them. 

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