April 24, 2024
    You may not be experiencing vaping to its fullest! Let's fix that by going through this list of five vape pen tips that'll have you vaping like a pro.

    Be a Vaping Pro: 3 Vape Pen Tips That’ll Transform Your Experience

    The modern vape pen was born in 2003, and years of innovations and refinements in the industry have led us to where we are today. Now you have access to all kinds of vaporizers. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’re new to the game, this guide will teach you how to experience vaping to its fullest!

    Here are our top three vape pen tips that’ll have you vaping like a pro. 

    1. Read the User Manual 

    The best way to break your new vape pen is by trying to use it in ways that aren’t intended, like tightening the cartridges too much, using the wrong sized battery, etc. Each brand of vape pen has slight differences, so even if you’ve owned one in the past, read the user manual. Many vape problems are preventable if you know how to use them and take proper care of them.

    The manual will list: 

    • The different components of the pen, like the vape pen mouthpiece, tank, atomizer, battery, and power button 
    • How to turn it on/off, draw from it, and know when it needs to charge 
    • How to install new cartridges or add juice to your tank 
    • How to lower the temperature of your vaporizer pen 

    Check out this guide for more vape pen care instructions and best practices. 

    2. Learn About the Different Products You Can Vape 

    You don’t have to settle for just e-liquid. With the right vape pen, you can smoke multiple types of substances, like oil or wax  THC concentrates.

    Cannabis oil typically comes in preloaded cartridges with varying amounts of THC and CBD. They are easy to load, use, and store. This is often a preferred way for people, especially medical marijuana patients, as it is fast-acting and doesn’t produce noxious clouds of smoke.

    Cannabis wax is an extremely potent sticky, honeycomb-like THC concentrate that can be used in a wax vape pen. Also called dab pens, these vaporizers work like a regular one, but has to get hot enough to vaporize the wax. Take small drags until you know the temperature is right. 

    3. Go Big, or Go Home 

    This comes down to your budget. If you only have $20 to $30 dollars to spend on the pen, you can get a low-end one that will last you a little while. However, if you have some money to work with, you should look at your options.

    A basic, budget-friendly vape pen will have all of the requisite components and one simple button you use to control everything. These types of pens are okay for beginners but often end up with battery and atomizer issues. If you hit it too much at once, it could overheat and burn your coil.

    Higher-end models may have small digital screens to show you the temperature it’s set at and the ability to vaporize e-liquid, oil, wax, and even dry herb. Some are even Bluetooth compatible!

    Budget around $100 can buy you a quality vape pen, no matter how you choose to use it. 

    3 Transformative Vape Pen Tips 

    No matter where you stand, you should follow these three vape pen tips to improve your experience. Reading the user manual, knowing what you can vape and how, and buying the right equipment are the first steps. But remember, vaping is not without its risks. 

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