May 17, 2024

    Types of Digital Transformation Strategies and Why You Need Them

    As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the world, we relied upon digital technology to help get us through it. 

    Today, businesses look at digital transformation strategies just like how a human views the heart. A heart pumps blood throughout your body to help you live.

    A company without digital transformation strategies, just like the dinosaurs, will be extinct.

    According to Tech Pro Research, 70% of businesses currently have a digital transformation strategy or are working toward one. We are living in a digital economy and so comes this major shift.

    You need to leverage technology to grow your business. You also need to use the right digital transformation strategy to stay in business.

    Keep reading this article to discover more about a few digital transformation strategies and why your business needs them.

    The Definition of Digital Transformation

    When you use technology to improve your business and its performance, we call it digital transformation. Digital transformation strategies help your business:

    • Deliver better value to customers
    • Change the way your business operates
    • Improve interactions for both customers and workers
    • Increase conversion and growth for marketing and communications efforts

    You can achieve this by modifying current business processes or creating a new one.

    Digital Transformation Strategies

    Leveraging technology to improve the way you do business can vary from what other companies are doing. It’s not just about the technical change. It’s about how it can help you.

    A sound digital transformation strategy is used to improve the organization overall. Digital devices, media, platforms, data, and technology all must adapt to transform the company digitally.

    If you really want to get creative with your digital transformation strategies, consider a specialist in technology strategy consulting to help you identify areas you can implement it.

    However, here are a few typical types of digital transformation strategies to give you some ideas.

    Process Transformation

    One important strategy is process transformation, which is aimed at improving quality, lowering costs, and reducing cycle times. Organizations reinvent business processes by using analytics, data, APIs, and machine learning.

    Some creative businesses have looked toward robotic process automation to improve the way they do business. They have made back-office processes simpler.

    Business Model Transformation

    Aimed at the foundation of how a business delivers value to its customers, business model transformations have made a tremendous impact. This type of digital transformation strategy is a way to shake up business models that we consider to be more traditional. It’s scrapping how you do business now and re-invents how you do things from the ground up.

    Cultural Transformation

    The hardest part of any successful digital transformation strategy may be the cultural part of it. This involves people’s mindsets. The processes that your workers have been using must change, taking them out of their comfort zone.

    The talent that you hire, as well as the experience and capabilities that you seek when hiring them, will need to change to adapt to the new environment. You need to make a digital shift and you need people to help you get there.

    What you’ll need is a flexible workflow. Decision-making processes can no longer be a central effort. The people you work with must embrace testing and learning to be successful in the long run.

    Remember, too, that digital transformation strategies are a marathon, not a sprint. You need patience, grit, and stamina to see any new business technology through to implementation.

    Now You Won’t Become Extinct

    We are glad that you could gain some insight into digital transformation strategies and why you need them. We are always posting informative articles to help keep businesses up to date on the latest trends.

    Check us out again soon for some more great business tips.


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