April 24, 2024

    Top 5 Reasons to Get a Commercial Vehicle GPS

    In July 2021, 38.8 percent of small business owners in the US reported domestic supplier delays. The COVID pandemic has disrupted the supply chain, and many businesses are scrambling to secure them. 

    With businesses looking for ways to meet their supply chain needs, there is an opportunity for fleet companies to grow. But your fleet company needs to stand out from the competition and provide better service. Installing a commercial vehicle GPS in your fleet vehicles can help you better serve clients. Additionally, you can take advantage of the benefits offered by a white label fleet management software company to stand out from the competitors.

    How can a commercial truck GPS make a difference for your business? Read on for five reasons you should have GPS devices installed in your commercial vehicles. 

    1. Save Time

    GPS devices allow you to know each drivers’ location in an instant. By keeping track of your fleet, you can determine what vehicle is close to a client when requesting your services. As a result, you can get to your client quicker, providing excellent customer service. 

    A commercial GPS device can accurately pinpoint a vehicle’s location and determine the best route. With precise local data, it will be easier for drivers to navigate and locate their destinations and avoid roadblocks. Since they won’t spend time lost or looking for a location, drivers will be more efficient. 

    2. Reduce Costs 

    Time is money, and since a commercial truck GPS saves your business time, it also saves money. But there are other ways GPS devices can save your business money. 

    Driving over the speed limit can be dangerous for your drivers and increase fuel usage. A GPS device can help you reduce speeding and idle time to manage your fleet’s fuel consumption. When purchasing a commercial GPS, you can buy one that will give drivers notifications when driving too fast. 

    GPS devices can help track mileage to schedule maintenance. So, GPS systems can help you keep your fleet running smoothly and avoid costly damages from failing to replace parts. 

    A GPS can also lower your company’s insurance premiums since they encourage safe driving. If the system includes dash cameras, it can prove liability in an accident insurance claim. 

    3. Encourages Safe Driving

    A commercial GPS system can help your business take a proactive approach to protect company assets. A GPS will allow you to send help to the correct location in an emergency. They can also track driver behavior to determine if they are driving safely. 

    GPS systems can monitor speed, braking, and even phone usage. Some GPS device systems have a commercial vehicle GPS app that will provide drivers with grades and tips to help them improve their driving. Monitoring driver behavior will allow you to correct any unsafe habits. 

    4. Improve Your Customer Service

    GPS devices allow easy tracking and navigation to keep your fleet vehicles on schedule. GPS will allow you to send the closest available vehicle to respond to your client’s needs quicker. With GPS tracking, you can also give clients an accurate window for delivery of their products, so they aren’t kept waiting.

    5. Protect Your Fleet 

    If a fleet vehicle is stolen, a GPS device can help police locate it. You can access the GPS location data and turn it over to the police to help them find the vehicle. Since they also help you keep up with vehicle maintenance, they can prevent breakdowns that could cause dangerous accidents. 

    Enhance Your Fleet Maintenance With a Commercial Vehicle GPS

    A commercial vehicle GPS provides valuable information that allows your business to operate more efficiently. GPS devices save your business time and money while protecting your assets. Installing commercial GPS devices in your fleet can give you a much-needed edge over the competition. 

    Do you want more tips to improve your management and supply chain? Check out more business tips and guides on our website. 


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