June 21, 2024
    Do you want to socialize more with your friends and go out drinking with them? Here's the complete guide that makes becoming a professional day drinker simple.

    The Guide That Makes Becoming a Professional Day Drinker Simple

    Did you know the alcoholic drinks market is expected to be worth $1,684 billion by 2025? Of course, people like to have an alcoholic beverage to relax, or when they are partying at night. However, having a drink during the day can be an excellent way to spend more time with your friends and extend your drinking time.

    But, how easy is it to become a top-class day drinker? After all, you could be drinking alcohol for longer as you’ll be out all afternoon rather than just for a few hours in the evening. You also don’t want to have to leave the party early if you’ve become too intoxicated and can no longer enjoy being out with your friends.

    The good news is you can follow some helpful hints and tips to have a fun day drinking before getting up the next morning ready to do it all over again. 

    Let’s dive in and learn more about becoming a day drinking pro.

    Set a Solid Foundation

    Your day drinking preparation starts long before you crack open the first bottle or taste your first sip. Consuming alcohol on an empty stomach isn’t a good idea at the best of times, and it’s definitely a no-no if you’re heading out for an extended boozing session. Be sure to eat a substantial breakfast, as the food will absorb the alcohol and slow down its effects. 

    Take a Nap

    You might not usually take a morning nap, but it can be helpful if you’re going to be away for the rest of the day. You’ll want to be alert and able to join in the conversation with your friends, and a short thirty-minute nap could help you feel more energetic during the afternoon.

    Pick the Right Drinks

    Perhaps you enjoy a range of different types of liquor, beer, wine, cocktails, or shots, but it’s best to pick your drinks carefully at the start of the day. While you might be tempted to hit the strong booze early on, try to resist and have something less potent.

    A mid-strength beer or glass of wine can still help you relax, but without having such a powerful effect in the early stages of your drinking session.

    As the day goes on you might also fancy changing beverages and ordering an erotic drink or a cocktail, and this is likely to be easier to handle if you haven’t been pounding shots all afternoon. Try to stick to a sensible alcohol consumption plan rather than getting dragged into early drinking contests that are only likely to end in disaster. 

    Stay Hydrated

    Many drinkers don’t consume water while they’re out, meaning they become dehydrated. This increases the effects of alcohol, and can also make you feel worse the next day. But, consuming water can increase your energy levels and help you stay clear-headed, allowing you to keep drinking for an extended period and partying long into the later hours. 

    Look for Shade

    Day drinking can be hot work, and finding a shaded area could make you feel more comfortable. When you’re having a good time, and alcohol has given you a laid-back vibe, you also may not notice the effects of the sun on your skin. To avoid getting sunburned, dehydrated, and fatigued, try to limit the amount of time you spend in hot and sunny conditions while drinking alcohol. 

    Eat Snack Foods

    By the middle of the afternoon, your breakfast meal could be a distant memory. But, many day drinkers prefer not to eat big meals while consuming alcohol. Therefore, it can be helpful to order snacks so you’re putting some food into your body.

    Crisps and nuts are popular options, and if you snack throughout the day, you can end up eating a considerable amount without even noticing. 

    Have a Day Drinking Partner 

    Having a day drinking partner is a great way to ensure you and your friend don’t get too intoxicated too quickly. This person doesn’t need to be a functional alcoholic with a lot of drinking experience, but just someone who’ll notice if you start walking in a zigzag or slurring your words. 

    Check-in on your drinking partner every hour or so just to make sure they’re still ok.

    Take a Supplement Before Bed

    If you’re going to go out drinking again the next day, and even if you aren’t, it’s vital to give your body what it needs to recover from the effects of alcohol. You may want to take a supplement that helps replace minerals you might have lost while drinking, such as magnesium, zinc, and potassium. 

    While you can get these minerals from other sources, taking a supplement is a quick and easy way to replenish your mineral content. You could find you wake up feeling more refreshed and less hungover than usual. 

    Have a Fun Day Drinking Experience

    When you know how to become an effective day drinker, you can enjoy spending more time at the bar with your friends during the afternoons. However, it’s important to stay hydrated and to know how much alcohol is in each drink. You may also want to have a day drinking buddy so you can ensure you’re both coping well throughout the session.

    As you get used to drinking during the day, you could even prefer having alcoholic beverages in the afternoons rather than the evenings!

    Before you get ready to head out day drinking, be sure to check out more great posts in our Health section before you go.


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