April 24, 2024
    When it comes to storing a car, there are several things you should understand. You can learn more by clicking right here.

    Keep Your Vehicle in Great Shape! The Basics to Storing a Car

    Do you have a luxury car that you like to store away for the winter? Or perhaps you are a snowbird who lives in the tropics for six months of the year? 

    Either way, if you are storing a car for an extended period of time, then there are some things you need to be aware of.

    It isn’t as simple as parking it in your driveway and saying Hasta La Vista, baby. Although it would be nice if that were the case. 

    Read on to see some tips on how to store a car long-term so you come back to a car that works perfectly well. 

    1. Find the Proper Space to Store Your Car

    The perfect spot to store a car long-term would be in an enclosed, locked space where the humidity and temperature would be perfectly controlled.

    Barring that, you need to find a space that’s reasonably clean and protected from the elements. If you don’t have a garage, then getting a lean to carport installed in your driveway is a great alternative. 

    They are cheap, easy to install, and protect your car from the elements in an effective manner. 

    2. Wash, Wax, and Clean the Exterior and Interior

    Your car will get dirty from the inside and outside, especially if you are going to be gone for a long time. Dust, grime, and dirt will pile up. That’s why it’s a great idea to clean up your car before you leave. 

    This way you don’t come back to a completely filthy car. Wax and wash the outside of the car, and dust and clean the interior. 

    3. Fill up the Tank and Change the Oil

    If you leave your gas tank empty, there’s a chance it will corrode and rust. Fill it up and add a corrosion inhibitor fuel stabilizer to it if possible. 

    The same thing with the engine oil. Change it before you go, so it doesn’t have damage the engine.

    4. Plug the Tailpipe

    If you are storing a car outdoors, then you need to be careful about critters entering and moisture seeping into your tailpipe.

    Plugging it with aluminum foil or a rag is simple and effective against unwanted intruders. 

    5. Cover the Car With a Car Covering

    This is the final step in good car storage.

    Keeping a car in great condition means that you use a good car cover made of breathable and soft material before leaving it behind. These should wrap tightly around the car to protect against damage to the metal and paint.

    Storing a Car Long-Term Needs Some Easy but Crucial Steps

    Storing a car requires some work, but if you follow these rules every time you leave your car behind, you will be pleasantly surprised at how well your car keeps in the winter months. 

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