June 12, 2024
    Just like any other piece of technology, it is important to regularly clean and maintain your solar panels. Here is a complete guide to solar panel maintenance.

    A Complete Guide to Solar Panel Maintenance

    Did you know that more American homeowners are consideringĀ solar panels more than ever? Going green has become a huge trend and many people want to do their part. An easier way to do that and receive your own benefits in return is by installing solar panels.

    There’s a lot to know before making a final decision like is a lot of solar panel maintenance required? Read on to find out.

    Solar Panel Maintenance

    In general, solar panels require little maintenance to work effectively. The major thing you need to do to ensure your solar panels are functioning is to clean away leaves, dirt, and debris. Getting rid of this stuff is considered light cleaning but is necessary to ensure the sun’s rays aren’t getting obstructed.

    More extensive maintenance is required if there are harsh weather conditions in your area, like snowfall. Over time, the energy output of the panels will decrease which will also require more maintenance.

    How to Perform Maintenance on Your Solar Panels

    Are solar panels low maintenance? Yes, they are, but that doesn’t mean you should skate through the cleaning process. If you want your solar panels to last, you have to maintain them properly.

    Titled panels are the easiest kind to maintain because rain will clear any debris away for you. If you don’t experience a lot of rain where you reside, you must clean out your tilted panels manually.

    If you clean solar panels out on your own, you should do it at least two to four times a year. However, you could always hire solar panel maintenance services to get the job done for you. Although cleaning it out doesn’t require a lot of work, it may be difficult to keep up with maintenance on a commercial property.

    For residential solar panel maintenance, you only need a leaf blower or garden hose to spray away the unwanted mess. In the winter, you may have to clear snow away using water. If you use this method, be sure not to use cold water or hot water, the water should be lukewarm.

    Solar panels are made with tempered glass which means they can get cracked by extreme temperature disparities. Using lukewarm water will ensure you don’t run into this problem.

    Finding the Right Solar Company

    Solar panel maintenance means nothing if the solar panels are installed the right way. To ensure your solar panels are up to par, you must find the right company to hire.

    This process takes more than just looking up solar companies near me, you have to dive deeper into research. After finding a few companies in your area, check out their reviews, policies, guarantees, and prices.

    Keeping Up With Solar Panels

    It doesn’t take a lot to keep up with solar panel maintenance. Along with following these tips, you should get a good warranty and insure your panels just in case. By maintaining your solar panels, you can enjoy their many benefits for years to come.

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