April 17, 2024
    Feeling a bit stressed out lately? Don't worry, self-care has your back. Melt away the stress with these 5 relaxing bath time ideas!

    Soak the Stress Away: 5 Self-Care Bath Routines You Need to Try

    Did you know that around 77% of people believe stress affects their physical wellbeing? It’s more important than ever to make sure we relax and soothe ourselves after a hard day or week.

    But do you know how to do that at home?

    One way is to create the perfect relaxing bath routine. Read on for 5 tips on bath time self-care!

    1. Create the Spa Atmosphere

    Just because you’re enjoying a bath soak at home doesn’t mean you can’t get that five-star spa feeling. The first task is to create an aura of peace. Make sure you close the door firmly, let people know not to disturb you, then play some soothing, relaxing music. 

    The other way to get the spa feeling is with lighting. Place a number of candles around the tub, then dim or turn off the light. If you use scented candles, you’ll have an added aromatherapy vibe to reduce stress.

    2. Get Salty

    Everyone has their favorite bath soak, and this is the time you need to choose wisely. Different salts can change your mood. For example, lavender-infused soaks are known to make you sleepy, while CBD bath salts help you relax.

    Your salts should be added when the bath is half full. If you feel like your skin needs moisturizing, then combine it with a hydrating bath oil as well. 

    3. Wear a Mask

    A mask is another great way to get moisture into either your face or hair. Face masks come in two different types. You can choose either a liquid application that you spread on or a sheet that lays across the face. 

    A hair mask will leave your locks looking silky smooth. They lock in moisture to combat that dry, cracked look.

    4. Have a Deep Scrub

    Now that you’re settled and relaxed, it’s time to scrub away. Wait until you’ve been in the bath for around 20 minutes. This is the optimum time for your skin to soak in some of the moisture and soften up a little. 

    Take a good, strong washing pad and apply an exfoliator scrub to it generously. Rub it in circular motions around your body, making sure to be vigorous. This will leave your skin feeling cleansed and supple once you get out of the bath. 

    5. Shower Off

    To end the pamper session, you need to wash off the excess salts and oils. The best way to do this is with a quick shower. This ensures you’re not in the bathwater you’ve just used, which contains all your used products.

    Step out and dry yourself with the biggest, softest towel you can find. You should then step into a warmed robe and settle down for the evening. 

    Have a Good Self-Care Routine

    Your self-care routine doesn’t have to end there. After this, you can carry on with some other ideas like a massage or pedicure. Ensure you make time for yourself regularly to combat fatigue and stress.

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