June 13, 2024

    Reasons To Shop For Men’s Designer Underwear and Swimwear

    If you’re male and in the market for a few new pairs of men’s designer underwear, look no further. Marco Marco is the new underwear designer to keep an eye on. This company prides itself on providing underwear that is far from boring; here you’ll find nothing but bold colors, funky prints, and sexy design styles.

    Wanting to add a few sex-appealing pieces to your brief, boxer, or swimwear collection? Here are 5 reasons to start shopping with Marco Marco for your men’s designer underwear needs.

    Their brand new core collection is comfortable and sophisticated

    The newest collection at Marco Marco – the core collection – doesn’t just offer sex appeal, but also comfort and sophistication. Each piece looks and feels great due to the moisture-wicking antimicrobial jersey material. Your underwear will have you feeling supported and sexy every time you wear a Marco Marco pair from the core collection.

    Marco Marco offers a Nautical themed collection for your inner sailor

    Even though we are in the dead of winter right now, why not embrace everything nautical. By slipping on a pair of Marco Marco Nautical Panel swim briefs, you’ll quickly forget about your wintertime blues. Men everywhere are loving the ocean-inspired colors and tropical prints of these swim briefs.

    They are made with swim-friendly spandex material, so you won’t have to wait long for your briefs to dry. The stretchy durable material makes them perfect for both lounging around and staying busy. You’ll feel supported when you go for a run on the beach or swim laps. If you shop at Marco Marco today, you can get a pair of Nautical Panel swim briefs for $35.00.

    Their online store has informative and fashion-forward blog posts

    Not only can you shop on the Marco Marco website, you can also read about what’s up-and-coming in the fashion world. They release several blog posts each month to keep you updated on style, fashion, and everything you should know about men’s underwear.

    They use unconventional materials to promote maximum comfort and durability

    Most men’s underwear manufacturers use cotton for the majority of their products. Marco Marco has made the bold decision to use moisture-wicking antimicrobial heathered jersey that feels great, but also looks great. This material is ultra-drying, stretchy, and as comfortable as it gets. If you are the type of man who loves sleeping on jersey sheets, imagine sliding on a pair of Marco Marco’s.

    In terms of men’s designer underwear, Marco Marco is one of the most cost-friendly

    We’re not saying that purchasing Marco Marco underwear will cost the same as Fruit of the Loom or Hanes. But in comparison to other men’s designer underwear brands, Marco Marco is one of the more cost-efficient ones.

    A pair of these briefs or boxers won’t break the bank like Dolce and Gabbana’s or Calvin Klein’s. Most products on their site are under $30, and you can also browse the items on sale before anything else. Another perk of ordering from Marco Marco is that they offer free shipping anywhere in the United States on order over $100.


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