May 22, 2024

    Reasons to Read Comic Books According to Steve Scansaroli

    The term “nerd”, for many, has negative connotation. Indeed, the word was long used to describe a certain social outcast, the awkward one who was good at science and did nothing but read comic books. However, according to Steve Scansaroli, things have thankfully changed. Most people are now awkward, being intelligent is a good thing and, most of all, reading comics is an amazing pastime.

    Steve Scansaroli on Why People Should Read More Comic Books

    We seem to live our lives on Facebook today. It is where we get our daily news, where people make sales, and where we connect with members, often in an anonymous way. We search for the things that interest us, such as our local health executive, posts about a recent accident, and where to buy a new suit, and we use it to be social. However, for all its benefits, social media lacks the thing that comic books can offer us. According to Scansaroli, those things include:

    1. That comics can teach someone to love reading. Young people in particular often do not really like to read. However, studies have shown that those who cannot be gripped by books can find a lot of enjoyment in comics. They have interesting visuals and focus strongly on characters and plots. This makes them very engaging. Furthermore, they help to improve reading skills and reading comprehension.
    2. That comics help us to think from different angles. A study completed by the University of Windsor showed that multiple modalities are required to read a comic, being the textual, spatial, and visual. Only when those three integrate can someone truly understand a story. Reading comics is far more complex than watching a television show or playing a video game and even more complex than reading a book.
    3. That comic stories help with cognitive health. It is no secret that reading is good for us, but we require a little more incentive than that to read. According to various neuroscientists, reading stories in particular improve the functioning of the brain. Stories can be presented in text, but equally in comics.
    4. That comic books are “hella cool”. There is an unlimited supply of characters to choose from, from Lucky Luke to Superman and from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Garfield. Many of the characters first developed in comic books have turned into huge franchise movies. The reason for that is that they are cool. Anyone who enjoys Marvel or DC movies will also enjoy comic books, therefore.
    5. That comic books aren’t only about superheroes. Indeed, they exist on just about any topic and don’t have to include toxic waste or evil villains. The aforementioned Garfield is one example, but so is Charlie Brown and Snoopy, the Sandman, the Walking Dead, the Scott Pilgrim Series, and so on. There are even biographies and autobiographies that have been turned into a comic book, allowing reader to really get to know authors or individuals.


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