July 13, 2024
    Becoming a property manager is exciting, but what are some tips? This guide provides 4 property management tips every new manager should know.

    4 Property Management Tips Every New Manager Should Know

    Being a property manager means that you are always on call. This is because you must always be ready to deal with the needs of your tenants and these needs can arise at any time of the day or night.

    Whether you are in commercial or residential property management, having the right skillset can be the difference between success or failure.

    The following property management tips will help you develop your skills so that you can excel in the high-stress role of being a property manager. Read on to learn more.

    1. Manage Your Time

    Being organized is the cornerstone of any successful property management operation. Being organized means mastering your time management abilities. This means budgeting your time and tasks the right way.

    You want to be able to set realistic time blocks for your daily work and complete your objectives efficiently. That way you won’t be stuck doing one task while neglecting others.

    You need to develop a schedule and stick to it while still being attentive and flexible to your tenants’ needs. This allows you to tackle unforeseen things that come up in an organized fashion.

    2. Seek Outside Help

    Being a property manager means being able to know when you need some assistance. It is important to have all the tools you need to do your job. Having a slew of professionals on speed dial is always a great idea.

    Electricians, handymen, landscapers, and cleaning services are just a few outside entities you should keep in your back pocket.

    Cleaning in particular is a very important job to hire a professional for, especially when tenants are moving in or out. Learning how to manage an office building means learning how to manage professional cleaning services.

    This means calculating the total office cleaning cost of your building and factoring it into your overhead costs beforehand. This helps you avoid going above your budget when changing tenants. 

    3. Be Available

    One thing that tenants hate is a non-responsive property manager or landlord. Not being available when your tenants need you during an emergency can also cause loss of life or damage to your property.

    Make sure to give your tenants a number where you can be reached and multiple other communication options such as an email address or instant messenger.

    Be sure to check your phone and email often to check in with your tenants. Give them a call every so often to ask about their needs and see how your property is doing.

    4. Look for More Property Management Tips

    The best tip for managing your property is to keep an open mind and always be looking to learn new things. As you continue to deal with challenges on a day to day basis you will learn new things. Listen to the needs of your tenants and work to address them.

    Be the Best Manager You Can Be

    A property manager is a glue that binds a rental situation together. Being one means juggling a variety of different factors and putting them together in symbiosis.

    You can only do this by incorporating some property management tips. Implement these four tips today to be a successful property manager. For all your other news and information make sure to check out the rest of our blog.


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