April 17, 2024
    Homes come in all different sizes and styles. Which ones are the most popular? Find the most popular types of home designs here.

    Popular Types of Home Designs From the Interior to the Exterior

    Decorating your home is a great way to upgrade the design and have a beautiful home to show off to friends and family. But since there are various types of home designs to choose from, you might wonder which is best for you. 

    Well, you’re in luck! Read this guide on popular types of options including both the exterior and interior of your home today!

    Modern Interior Design

    Whether it’s your first home or 3rd, a modern home design is a popular option. In order to accentuate this look, choose modern home lighting for the space. 

    Modern looks are all about steel and glass elements that give off a clean look. Black and white are popular choices for this option. You might be able to find other colors including reds and blues. 

    Modern designs are from the 20th century and incorporate Scandinvanian and German design styles. This design is all about practicality and using the space wisely. 

    Modern homes are about a minimalistic design with open floor plans. It’s more about the functionality of the room instead of the design. 

    Don’t forget about incorporating natural light into the space. It’s about having a clutter-free and simple design. 

    Minimalist Interior Design

    This style is about using neutral color palettes and simple furnishings. Don’t forget to use neutral color palettes for the design. It’s about not using an excess of anything and instead incorporating simple designs. 

    Shabby Chic Style

    Shabby chic is about using airy light fixtures, vintage-inspired spaces, and incorporating antique touches throughout. Don’t be afraid of using contemporary designs within the space as well. 


    The most popular design of an ideal home is the traditional style. You’ll use well-defined and timeless elements. It’s about having a cozy and comfortable setting. Additionally, using your mudroom to maximize the space that you have is a smart idea in most homes.

    Use calm colors and understated furniture to complete this look. Predictable rooms, neat decorations, and comfort are all about the traditional look. 

    Eccentric furnishings aren’t usually a part of this feature. Instead, you go with familiar designs to complete this look. Don’t forget about wooden furniture, framed prints, and more. 


    Eclectic designs are great for those who can’t decide on one theme and want different styles. While many might think that it’s whatever fits into a space, it’s still a well-thought-out design. 

    If you’re looking for a cohesive look to mix styles, this might be right for you. Use handmade items to increase the eclectic feel of the space. In order to bring in the whole look, choose different colors, shapes, finishes, etc. to bring this out. 


    Use natural elements such as wicker and bamboo to accentuate the space. Bring in the outdoors to set this style. The colors tend to be earthy options of natural wood and green. 

    Exterior Designs

    In order to increase your curb appeal, you’ll want to think about the exterior design of your home. From colonial to capes you have options. Cape Cod styles come from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

    In order to incorporate this look, you’ll want to have attic lofts, large fireplaces, a shingle exterior, and a modest size. Dormer windows are a must for this style. Stone and wood are common components of this look. 

    French Colonial Style

    You can find the French Colonial Style around the world. External stairs to enter the higher floors are common in this style. 

    You might also have raised basements and iron balconies. Dormer windows are common as well. 


    Consider incorporating modern designs with your contemporary home. This style is all about minimalism. It’s about an open floor plan and clean lines in this design. 

    Colonial Style

    Colonial styles are one of the most popular home designs. They have fireplaces, 2 or 3 stories, and wood or brick facades. The bedrooms are on the 2nd floor, while the family room and kitchen are on the first. 

    The great part is that they tend to be easy to add onto and make them larger. Work with a designer or builder in order to find siding that’ll work with your home. 

    Victorian Homes

    Choose a Victorian home if you enjoy the styles from 1860-1900. They’re all about detail, romantic themes, and incorporating certain textures and colors. 

    You can also find Contemporary Victorian designs as well. They’re about using modern colors and fabrics. You can also combine both contemporary and traditional designs to make it work. 

    Oftentimes these homes will have front-facing gables, bay windows, patterned shingles, and pitched roofs. You might have a full-width or partial front porch as well. 

    Craftsman Homes

    These homes were most popular during 1905-1930. They’re starting to make a comeback today. 

    While this is about the exterior of the home, the interior of craftsman homes also have a distinct look. They tend to have built-in shelving, interior woodwork, etc. 

    On the outside, you’ll find exposed roof rafters, wide eave overhangs, and low-pitched roofs. Porches tend to have tapered square columns as well. You might be able to use your attic for extra storage in your home or renovation options. 

    Exploring the Different Types of Home Designs

    After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the different types of home designs out there. As you go through the different options, decide what’s the best choice for you.

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