July 14, 2024

    Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch – Counting Down The Greatest Dolphins of All-Time

    It seems like every week during the ball game I end up getting into a discussion with my good friend about who in fact were the greatest Dolphins of all time. Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch employee, financial mastermind and the biggest Dolphin fan I know is always in disagreement with me about this topic and whilst we agree on who is in the top 3, the order is efferent for each of us. Patrick has spent his life dedicated to 2 things which finance and football and I have no doubt that this debate will rumble on for many years to come. For the time being, here are my top 3 Dolphins of all time.

    1 – Dan Marino

    I’d be stunned if there was a Dolphin fan on the planet who wouldn’t have Marino at the top of this list, he could do it all and he was by far and away the greatest player we have ever had. Marino’s passing range was insane and I can still remember that second season in 1984 when he just destroyed defenses single-handedly. Marino’s stats back up his ability too, throwing for 61,361 career yards with 420 touchdowns and a pass accuracy of 59% is exactly why anyone who loves the Dolphins will tell you that he is the greatest that ever was, regardless of wheat happened when he came up against Montana back in ’84.

    2 – Larry Csonka

    Patrick and I disagree greatly on who arrives at number 2 on this list but for me there is nobody that I would consider my second best player than Larry Csonka. The 1970s were of course the golden years for the Dolphins, which culminated in that invincible season, followed up by a back-to-back Super Bowl success. Larry Csonka was a key part of that 70s team and he was a force to be reckoned with. At 235 pounds this was a guy who offenses just didn’t want to take on and he had a real attacking threat about him. For 3 years straight Csonka had over 1,000 plus rushing yards and he was given the MVP award in Super Bowl VII after running for 145 years and completing 2 TD in the biggest game of all.

    3 – Jason Taylor

    Taylor was often considered to be too small for a defensive end but his understanding of the game, his technique and speed more than made up for what he lacked in size. Nobody wanted to come against Taylor and in 2002 he led the field in sacks, with 18.5 for the season, an incredible average which had QBs trembling in their boots. Taylor was never part of a winning side but that was never down to him and his defensive performances were simply astonishing and set a new benchmark for the younger players coming through.

    Do you love the Dolphins? Who would be your all time top 3?


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