May 23, 2024

    Package Tracking: Three Tips for Tracking Your Shipments

    Did you know that more than 131 billion parcels shipped globally in 2020? That’s a lot of packages and a lot of opportunities for lost shipments.

    Package tracking is important whether you’re the shipper or the receiver. Do you know how to utilize the tracking features of the most popular shipping companies?

    The following guide will explain how to easily track packages with USPS, UPS, FedEx, and others. Read on to ensure you know the locations and arrival dates of your valuable shipments.

    USPS Package Tracking

    The United States Postal Service has a mobile app with easy “track my package USPS” features. First, you’ll need to create a USPS account. The account also allows you to buy stamps, place holds on mail, and calculate shipping costs.

    USPS also provides a newer service called Informed Delivery. It sends customers pictures of letter-sized mail that is shipped and on the way to their address. It also gives an arrival time for a United States Postal Service package.

    UPS Track Package Features

    UPS offers web search options and their UPS Mobile App to make tracking packages quick and simple. You can also start a live chat with their Virtual Assistant from the mobile app for more detailed information.

    Their features are great for receiving packages on time, but perhaps even better for businesses shipping products safely. Click for shipping plastic wrap to add even more protection to your shipments.

    FedEx Tracking

    Federal Express is renowned for its excellent time-sensitive delivery services. For example, FedEx International Urgent Delivery guarantees to get your shipment on the next flight out.

    The FedEx mobile app is similar to the apps of UPS and USPS. It provides real-time shipment updates and the FedEx website features a Virtual Assistant comparable to UPS.

    DHL Package Tracking

    DHL provides delivery services in over 220 countries. This makes them a common choice for international shipments. They offer a variety of services and options that function specifically for eCommerce.

    DHL also has its own mobile app for tracking packages. However, the app has noticeably lower user ratings than its competitors.

    China Post and Royal Mail

    The China Post carrier is owned and run by the government of China. It works with government-run postal couriers in other countries for international shipments. 

    A China Post tracking number and a USPS tracking number are both provided for US citizens receiving shipments.

    Royal Mail became totally privatized in 2015. They offer tracking apps for  Android and iOS. The app also allows users to schedule a redelivery or have mail left with neighbors if they aren’t home.

    Ready to Track Your Shipment?

    Now you know that modern package tracking is easy no matter what courier you use. Most companies provide helpful apps and web functions to help you locate packages. Have no worries the next time you ship or place an order.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on tracking packages. Please check out the rest of our blog for more helpful business and home articles.


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