March 1, 2024
    The following office building interior design ideas are sure to leave your guests and customers with a positive impression. Read on to learn more.

    7 Classy Office Building Interior Designs Your Guests Will Love

    In any workspace or business, what’s the one thing that customers and employees alike will remember long after they leave? If you guessed “how the office space made them feel”, you’d be right! Good office design is a critical factor in maintaining employee morale and keeping your clients satisfied.

    Does your office building interior leave something to be desired? Has it not been changed or moved around since the 1980s? Worry no more. We have 7 ideas for classy, updated office interiors that your workers and guests will love!

    1. Open Floor Plans Can Foster Collaboration

    Open floor plans are having a moment in both homes and offices. The benefit to an open floor plan in an office space is that it helps foster a spirit of collaboration in your team, and allows everyone easy access to their co-workers if they need to ask questions.

    However, you should still make an effort to include some partial partitions and wayfinding to give people some semblance of privacy. Opinions remain divided on whether or not the open floor plan is a good thing for workspaces, and it can be easy to lose your way without some form of pathfinding built-in. This is where rugs under certain areas or colored tile walkways can help you navigate.

    2. Draw Connections With Local Artists

    Want to make your office building interior feel more lively while connecting with locals near your business? Consider reaching out to local artists (see this office fit out in London) to supply your office with graphic and interior design elements.

    Commission local artists for large pieces of art you can hang on your walls. Let a group of artists come in and paint a mural with your company’s mission statement as an accent wall to remind people what they’re working for. Not only will this build rapport in your community, but it will also make your office feel personal and grounded.

    3. Unique Furniture Gives Lively Vibes

    Have you ever stepped into an office where everything is standard-issue, builder-grade furniture? The vibe inside feels pretty boring, doesn’t it?

    Using unique, eye-catching furniture can make your office feel more alive and welcoming. If you want something clear and futuristic, lucite acrylic furniture can be a great way to add visual flair to your space. Got some off-the-wall desks? Work those into the area! Unique desk chairs and seating arrangements? Go wild, let people see the eclectic tastes of your office personnel.

    4. Brand Colors and Color Psychology

    By now, you and your marketing team have likely spoken at length about the impact of color psychology on your brand’s reception. However, those same color psychology principles apply to your team of employees as well.

    If they’re surrounded by a bunch of dull, calming colors, it can make the atmosphere feel sleepy. However, if you overcompensate on vibrant colors, it could feel busy and visually distracting. Work with the colors present in your logo and the vibe that you want to create to give your workspace the proper energy for your clients and team.

    5. Comfortable Lounging Areas

    Let’s face it: No one likes sitting in an uncomfortable place. The standard, linoleum-floored breakroom with plain white cabinets has seen its moment in the sun. No one can relax in that type of space. 

    It’s time to focus on comfort. Offer your employees and customers comfortable places to sit. Avoid the plastic chairs and pleather couches so endemic to office interior design. Give them fabrics, cushions, and soft, comfortable places to stretch out and relax in the office. 

    If you do, your team will return from their breaks refreshed and ready to roll. Your customers will be more receptive if they have to wait for longer than expected. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

    6. Worker Personalization Is Key

    Another thing that completely destroys any positive vibes an office has going for it is a lack of personalization. You can have the most energetic-feeling space in the world, but if your employees can’t contribute their own flair to their desks or workspaces, it feels hollow.

    Let your employees have pictures of their families or pets on their desks. Let them have little stress balls, Funko Pops, statues, whatever brings them joy and focus in the workspace. Not only will your employees be more motivated and energized, but your clients will see that you value those who work for you.

    No one wants to work in an environment that feels corporate. Worker personalization can help you avoid that.

    7. Bringing In a Taste of Nature

    There are a multitude of emotional, psychological, and productivity benefits to being outside or seeing the outside. The most depressing workspaces employees report working in, bar none, are those without windows, natural light, or any view of the outside world. (We’re looking at you, big box stores and call centers.)

    If your office interior design doesn’t allow for windows, you can always bring in elements of nature like a plant wall, flowers, or trees. (Real ones, not the plastic kind.) This proves especially effective if your company is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, as it gives you a chance to display your values to the world.

    And yes, we do also mean that it’s a good idea to bring in a ‘taste’ of nature. Standard office vending machine fare leaves something to be desired on the nutrition front. Give your workers access to healthy snacks, and their energy levels and work quality will be much better for it.

    Let’s Review Office Building Interior Design

    Good office building interior design is critical to getting the best performance out of your employees and the best reception from your clients. By using what you know of color psychology and putting employee happiness and comfort first, you can not only boost your workers’ productivity but tell your clients that you care about those working for you.

    If you liked reading over these office interior design ideas and would like to find more tips and tricks for improving the look and vibe of your business, check out our blog each day for more content like this!


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