July 12, 2024
    If you are wondering how to choose the best marijuana dispensary for you, then you won't want to miss our comprehensive guide.

    The 5 Essential Tips on How to Choose the Best Marijuana Dispensary

    In 2020, fifteen states decriminalized recreational marijuana. Before that, 47 states legalized the use of medical marijuana so long as you have a prescription card. Since its legalization, marijuana dispensary shops have popped up all over the United States as cannabis and CBD product usage soars to new heights.

    With so many dispensaries to choose from, you might wonder how to find one that is right for you. After all, you don’t want to choose just any shop. There are several things to consider, such as safety regulations, atmosphere, and product quality.

    Whether you smoke for medical purposes or recreationally, you need to know about each of these factors to make an informed decision. If you are wondering how to find the best marijuana shops in town, check out these top five tips below!

    1. Knowledgeable Staff 

    A knowledgeable staff is crucial because you don’t want to buy marijuana or CBD products from someone who doesn’t know their information. If your dispensary’s staff is knowledgeable about their products, that will begin to build trust between the two of you.

    You should feel like you have a friend who will answer all of your questions about the different strains, effects, and prices. If a dispensary takes the time to educate its staff, that speaks to their credibility.

    You know that they care about the quality of service their customers receive. It also shows they dedicate their business to supplying the most helpful information possible. 

    You also want to pay attention to the attitude of the staff. Are the employees warm and friendly? Or are they stand-offish?

    When you walk through those doors, you want to feel as though you are welcome. The last thing you want is a dispensary that makes you feel judged or like you shouldn’t be there.  

    2. Lots of Quality Strains

    People tend to have their favorite types of cannabis that they smoke regularly. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t want to branch out now and then and try something new.

    There is no fun in sticking to just one type, anyway. Plus, different strains provide different effects. For instance, some variations of cannabis are known to mellow you out more than others.

    Likewise, you can find varieties that bring out your more creative side. Playing around with different kinds of cannabis is part of the experience. 

    Your dispensary should also have other items such as edibles, CBD products, and accessories. Maybe you don’t feel like smoking one day and, instead, want to eat some candy infused with cannabis or take CBD to calm your anxiety. If it is legal in your state, your dispensary should offer these products as well. 

    3. Proper Licensing and Safety Protocol

    By law, marijuana dispensaries are supposed to have a license to sell. These licenses are necessary to ensure the product sold is of quality and meets the specified standards. The business should have both a General Business license and meet license requirements for cannabis as mandated by your state.

    A dispensary will need the proper licensing to sell items like: 

    • Cannabis 
    • Edibles
    • CBD and CBD products
    • Accessories (bowls, pipes, etc.) 

    They will also have to undergo regulation protocols if they cultivate their product. Their employees should also have the proper training and permits to sell and work at the dispensary. You can do your research to ensure whatever dispensary you choose has their license.

    It is crucial that they do because that means their cannabis is thoroughly regulated. There are dangers behind unregulated marijuana as it can contain toxins like rat poison, pesticides, and other chemicals that pose risks to your health. 

    On top of licensing, each state has its version of a cannabis regulation and safety act that governs the selling and growing of marijuana.

    These laws exist to ensure:

    • Dispensaries are legal 
    • Product is safe
    • Criminals do not have access to marijuana
    • Underage teens do not have access to marijuana 

    Once you have narrowed down your search to a few dispensaries within your area, take some time to do a thorough background check. Don’t be afraid to call and ask questions, either. Your safety is of utmost importance, so feel free to inquire about employee training, licensing, and safety protocol. 

    4. Nice Atmosphere

    When you walk into a dispensary, you are there for an experience and not a simple shopping trip. You want a shop that sets the mood, so you feel excited about visiting and speaking with the bud tender.

    It is the same as going to a coffee shop. When you go to a cafe, you want one with atmospheric music, aesthetic furniture, and layout. The same goes for your local dispensary. 

    Many dispensaries will have areas that you can hang out in after you make a purchase. Again, the bud tenders should feel like a friend, not an employee, and make you comfortable to lounge around, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy chatting with others. 

    5. Delivery Service

    Now that we are in the age of COVID-19, some people may prefer to have their cannabis delivered to their doorsteps. If your state allows medical marijuana or you are looking into a recreational dispensary, then chances are dispensaries should be able to deliver it.

    If anything, they should offer curbside service, so you do not have to enter the premises if you don’t feel comfortable. Call up your local dispensary and ask if you can make an order over the phone.

    They might even have a special place on their website to make online orders. Before the pandemic, having a delivery service wouldn’t be such a crucial tip for finding a good store.

    However, social distancing guidelines are the new normal in our society. That makes finding a dispensary that recognizes and follows those health safety guidelines necessary for anyone who does not want to enter a store. 

    More Marijuana Dispensary Tips

    With so many brick-and-mortar shops popping up all over the place, picking one that is trustworthy can be confusing. We hope these five tips on how to find the best marijuana dispensary in your area help you make the right choice.

    Remember, check their safety protocols, and find one with a calming aura with plenty of strains to try. If you enjoyed this article, and want more essential tips and information about cannabis, check out the Health section on our blog!  


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