July 14, 2024

    John Robert Powers Agency, The Way a Modeling Agency Should Operate

    The John Robert Powers modeling agency is one of the most famous in the world and in just a couple of years it will be celebrating its 100th year in operation. For the actor John Robert Powers Chicago was home and he was always convinced that this would be the city that would produce the next modeling star. The actor was right and in the first decade after it opened its doors, they saw industry greats like Betty Ford and Grace Kelly join the agency. Over the years this has been a hugely successful business and it has helped many young men and women to find great success and achieve their dreams in the modeling industry. So, what is it that this agency does so well where so many others fail? Let’s review the facts.


    At the John Robert Powers agency there is a clear foundation of integrity which has been created and built over the years. The modeling industry has one big flaw in many areas which is a severe lack of integrity in terms of how agencies deal with the talent that they have. There are horror stories from wannabe models about the way in which they were treated by agencies, which they would put up with for a long time because they felt that it was necessary in order to achieve their dreams. At JRP however this is simply not the case and models are always treated with the utmost respect.

    Connections Across The Industry

    Owing to the longevity of this agency and the fact that the agency has consistently produced high quality talent, a number of labels and brands are more than happy to work with the John Robert Powers agency. This means that if a model is lucky enough to be signed up to this agency, they can count on at least having a shot at some big jobs which could actually help them to forge out a high successful career. New modeling agencies simply don’t have the reputation that a long standing agency like John Robert Powers has, and this is why they are so popular amongst young men and women who are looking to become models.


    Unlike many others this is not an agency which selects just anyone to work with and they have a rigorous selection process which ensures that they only attract the very best talent. The team at the John Robert Powers academy have a great eye for not only spotting talent but also for spotting potential and this is how they are able to consistently deliver high quality models. What this also ensures is that models are aware that if they are selected by the team at JRP, that they do have talent and that they do very much have a chance to succeed in the modeling world.

    These are the reasons why this agency has lasted so long and why they have found so much success.


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