May 23, 2024

    How to Ship and Pay to Export your Car with Manhattan Car Shipping

    Considering a transfer abroad? If you want to transport your automobile, you should start planning how to export a car abroad as soon as possible in a method that fits your relocation and your budget. While the expense of moving an automobile across borders isn’t cheap, it is unquestionably less expensive than purchasing a new vehicle once you get there.

    Although moving an automobile internationally is a huge undertaking, particularly when doing so across an ocean, the procedure is surprisingly easy. We’ll go through everything you need to know to ensure a seamless transition so you can concentrate on your other important responsibilities, including preparing your pets for an overseas transfer and securing foreign health insurance.

    New York’s auto transportation laws

    According to federal law, vehicle transport businesses in New York that have carriers traverse state boundaries are required to register with the FMCSA.

    To carry merchandise, your transporter needed a motor carrier docket number (a six-digit number). To operate in the state of New York, they also need a United States Department of Transportation, or USDOT, number (which consists of seven digits).

    Before agreeing to a contract with any vehicle transport company, request to view these figures. Transport companies who don’t prominently post their motor carrier docket numbers on their websites should be avoided as they may not be reliable.

    Direct access to one of the wealthiest consumer marketplaces in the world is provided through the Port of New York. Your automobile processing and roll-on, roll-off freight are handled with care and efficiency by the trained transport specialists. The gateway now has three auto processors, many Ro-Ro services, and a wide range of marketplaces in North America and beyond.

    You must communicate with a shipping company or third-party logistics provider (3PL) to arrange your goods because The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey oversees the running of the port. You’ll need car shipping companies in NY to move your car from the ship to land. 

    Ways to ship your car overseas

    Options for International Shipping

    The most common method of international shipment is via cargo boat. Despite being an alternative, air transportation is seldom provided due to its high cost. Roll on, roll off (RORO) and container shipping are the two major techniques used for international shipment.

    International shipping is often carried out with the use of cargo boats. Despite being an alternative, air transportation is seldom provided due to its high cost. Roll on, roll off (RORO) and container shipping are the two major techniques used for international shipment.

    Roll-on, roll-off transportation

    Shipping that is done “roll on, roll off” is precisely what it is called. By driving it on, you load your car aboard a container ship. Your car must be in working condition for this strategy to be effective. Inoperable cars can still be loaded, but it will need more powerful equipment.

    If your car is just too big to fit inside a container, RoRo is your best bet. All sorts of vehicles are covered under this, including automobiles, trucks, tractors, trailers, mobile homes, RVs, bulldozers, boats on trailers, and construction equipment.

    Container Transport

    Your car will be transported utilizing big metal containers known as container shipping. Your car will be safe with this technique. If everything will fit in the container you have hired, you may even be able to transport more furnishings together with your car in certain circumstances.

    • Shipping in an Exclusive Container

    Your car won’t share a shipping container with any other automobiles while it is in an exclusive container. If the owner of the car wants to send their personal things together with their autos, this is a suitable alternative for weather protection. For instance, spare parts, an ATV, a motorbike, or even a small boat.

    • Shipments in shared containers

    Multiple automobiles are put into a container at a warehouse while using shared container shipping. Typically, a container can carry 4 automobiles, however in exceptional circumstances, up to 6 vehicles may be carried simultaneously. 

    When transporting two or more automobiles, use container shipping ( for better tracking of multiple cars. Customers are free to transport more personal items inside the car. It is recommended that non-operational or non-drivable vehicles be transported inside a container.

    Payment Options

    Each vehicle transportation firm has a unique way of collecting payments. Since they won’t have to pay transaction fees to credit card companies, PayPal, or other intermediaries that handle payment processing, businesses may give you a discount if you choose to pay with cash or debit.

    Credit cards are widely recognized in the auto shipping business. To make sure the card is authentic and not being used fraudulently, a corporation could require you to verify your identity.

    Some businesses employ wire transfers. Some businesses will take it, even though it is not the recommended option because of its reputation.


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