June 21, 2024

    How to Pack Beer Cans for Shipping

    Did you know that the market size of online beer sales in the US has grown 8% each year on average between 2017 and 2022?

    Homebrewing has become increasingly popular, but you may find yourself asking, “how do I send my beer for others to try?”

    Shipping beer is common, but properly packaging your beer cans is something you must learn. With practice, your beer can safely ship to your desired location without breakage.

    The last thing you want is for your customer to receive broken and spilled beer.

    Keep reading to learn tips on beer packaging and how to safely ship your homebrew.

    Materials Needed

    There are a few things you’ll need when preparing custom shipping packaging. Make sure to prepare these beforehand to make your job easier:

    • Corrugated shipping boxes – Only one is required per shipment, but have a few extra on hand
    • Gallon size Ziploc bags – These ensure that if your beer spills, it will spill inside of the plastic bag
    • Bubble wrap – You will need to wrap this around your beer cans
    • Shipping tape – This is to secure the box and make sure your package stays closed
    • Filler material – This will ensure that your beer cans do not move around in the shipping process

    Wrap Your Cans

    The first step of the process is to wrap your cans. Use your bubble wrap to go around the cans a few times. You can secure it with a small piece of your shipping tape.

    Do not use too much bubble wrap. Your client may not be able to open it by hand and will resort to something sharp. They might puncture your can and will lose out on your product.


    Before placing your cans in the box, add some padding to the bottom. This can be packaging peanuts or extra cardboard.

    After securing the bottom, place your cans on top of your padding. Use more padding material around each can and on top so that there is no chance of them moving around.

    Shipping Boxes

    Once the inside of the box is to your liking, you may close it using shipping tape. Some sellers prefer to ship beer in two or three boxes placed inside of each other. Having more than one box secures the package further and can prevent more leakage from flowing out.

    Corrugated shipping boxes are the best for beer packaging. The size will depend on how much product you plan on shipping.

    An extra tip: write “fragile” on each side of the box after taping.

    Sealing Your Brew

    You can only go so far by securing your beer at home. Once you get further into beer production, it may be a good idea to consider machinery to seal beer cans for you.

    If you’re interested in professional packers, look here for more information.

    Shipping Beer Cans

    Your homebrew deserves to be tasted by everyone you want to send it to. Knowing how to package your beer cans will help more people enjoy your creation.

    At some point, buying machinery that packs your beer cans for you may be worth considering.

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