June 14, 2024

    How to Make the Most Out of Your Medical Residency

    Medical schools are incredibly selective. In a recent year, less than 22,000 students were admitted to medical schools, out of the more than 52,000 who applied. 

    After you’ve gone through this highly competitive process and made it into medical school, you still have to eventually complete your residency. A medical residency is an extended period of on-the-job training that you complete after graduating from medical school. 

    It’s a grueling period of time filled with high pressure and lots of learning. Here’s what you need to know about making it through your residency program with flying colors. 

    Get Clear on Your Requirements

    You should go into the residency process clear on all of your choices and requirements. Medical students getting ready to graduate will rank their three most preferred residency programs. 

    These programs take place in various places throughout the country and require you to choose a medical specialty. The board will try their best to match you with your first option, but there’s a chance you’ll get your second or third depending on how sought-after and competitive your top choice is to get into. 

    Once admitted, make sure to learn what the residency will consist of and what’s required of you. Residences generally last 3 years or more and will require some 24-hour call nights. 

    You’ll come away with the skills and certifications that you need to confidently practice medicine at the end of the residency. Seek the best credentialing to support a thriving career. 

    Take Care of Your Body and Mind

    It’s important that you take care of yourself so that you can roll with the punches of your residency. It’s often a high-stress, pressure-filled job, so you need to make sure you’re getting as much rest as you can, whenever you can. 

    Take time to hit the gym about five days per week, either in the morning before work, or when you get off. You might even get admitted to a residency program that comes with a fitness facility or pool. 

    Make sure that you’re eating healthy food and staying hydrated daily so that your brain and organs are at their best. 

    Network and Ask Questions

    Learn as much as you can during your residency. The best way to do this is through lots of notes and consistent questions. Make sure to network with other residents and lead doctors so that you have a strong base of contacts as you grow your career. 

    Keep your eyes open for any residencies or supplementary programs that you can apply for as well. 

    Let Go of What You Can’t Control

    Your residency will involve plenty of call nights where you’re getting awaked in the middle of the night to answer a code. You’ll also see a little bit of everything that medicine can present when you go through your rotation. 

    Some rotations you’ll complete include internal medicine and family medicine.

    Recognize that there’s a lot of this process that you can’t control or predict. Remain open and adaptable to it all so that you can focus on the work and curb any anxiety. 

    Familiarize yourself with the healthcare facility so you know your way around and develop a comfort zone.  

    Master Your Medical Residency

    These tips will help you get the most from your medical residency when the time comes. Let this guide serve you as you look to thrive as a doctor. 

    Use these points and check out our other articles to help you through your medical career. 


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