June 14, 2024
    How to Choose Men's Glasses That Fit Your Face Shape

    How to Choose Men’s Glasses That Fit Your Face Shape

    Men’s glasses are a style statement, but choosing the ideal pair requires a bit of know-how. A rounded jawline and chin, tall foreheads and curved cheekbones characterize oval faces. Good news – this face shape can look great in almost any frame style!

    Square Face

    A square face is characterized by a wider forehead that tapers down to a chiseled chin and jawline. This rugged, masculine face shape is incredibly striking, and by choosing the right frame, mens glasses can play up those features.

    For example, selecting frames with rounded edges soften the strong angles of this face shape to complement its ruggedness. These frames also help to create a balanced appearance and bring out your inner Clark Kent (think Ryan Gosling).

    If you have an oblong face, the key is to choose frames that add width to the front to balance out its length. Wider rims and lighter colors are especially flattering for this face shape, which can sometimes have a long nose and chin.

    A round or cat-eye frame might seem too bulky for your oblong face, so try a frame with slightly narrower rims and a more decorative top. A rectangular or square face is a powerful and proportional feature perfectly complemented by bold lines.

    Choose thin frames with many curves to counterbalance your face’s angular features. For example, a pair of browline glasses will emphasize your eyebrows, among your strongest facial features. These frames are often thinner at the bottom than the top, adding a more balanced look to your strong facial structure.

    Oval Face

    If you’ve got an oval face, consider yourself lucky- your balanced features make it easy to pull off most frame styles. Geometric frames like rounded squares or aviators complement an oval shape well, as do thicker frames with a modern design.

    Crystal glasses are also a great option for an oval face because they show off your eyes without overpowering their delicate nature. The oversized square look works well on people with an oval face, too, because it helps balance the length of the face. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated frame style, try double bridge frames with two separate bridges joining the lens rims to create an elegant aesthetic.

    Thanks to its masculine yet timeless style, the aviator-inspired look is popular with men and women with an oval face. When shopping for a new pair of glasses, remember that it’s important to get the right fit when choosing a frame.

    Heart-Shaped Face

    One of the most unique face shapes, heart-shaped faces feature a wide forehead that narrows down into a pointed chin and full cheeks. Most people with this face shape also have a widow’s peak hairline, adding even more definition.

    Glasses that fit a heart-shaped face should be wider at the bottom and soften the sharp angles of this unique face shape. Oval frames are a great choice for this frame shape, as they’re not as tall as round frames and won’t overemphasize a broad forehead. You can also find a variety of rectangular and square frames to complement your heart-shaped face.

    Just be sure to avoid bottom-heavy frames or anything oversized, as these frames can play up your narrower points of the face too much. If you want to look amazing this summer, wear the right glasses for your face shape. By understanding how to choose men’s glasses that fit your frame shape, you can show off your unique style and snag some amazing selfies.

    Round Face

    For those with a round face, glasses with angular details and sharp corners help to add contrast to soft features. They also help to make your face appear thinner and longer, resulting in a more balanced look. Some popular styles of frames for this face shape include aviator and rectangular frames.

    People with a heart-shaped face tend to have broader cheekbones than most other face shapes. They also have narrow foreheads and chins. The defining feature of this face shape is that it’s wider at the top and gets more biased towards the jawline. This face shape is complemented by wider rounded frames at the bottom to create an elongating effect.

    A diamond-shaped face is wider in the middle than the chin or forehead. This face shape is complemented by tall, slim frames with contrasting colors to draw attention to your eyes and help them stand out. Even if you have a specific style, it’s worth trying on various frames to see what suits your face and personal style. The more you try, the easier it will be to find the perfect pair.


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