May 16, 2024
    Knowing how much a diamond costs is critical so as to not overpay. Read this guide to learn about the value of diamonds and your own jewelry here!

    How Much Does My Diamond Ring Cost? A Complete Guide

    Ready to make that big purchase and finally buy a diamond? A diamond is an investment, especially if you make a pricier choice. It is also a symbol and a beautiful stone you can wear or display however you want.

    Buying a diamond is like making any other big purchase. You’ll have to deal with salespeople who want to meet their goals and upsell for commission. The more you know about what determines diamond cost, the better off you and your wallet will be when it’s time to buy.


    Color is graded on a letter scale, with D being the best and Z being the worst. The most valuable types of diamonds are colorless, so if you have a diamond rated D-F, it will be more expensive. These are ratings based on the color you can see with the trained and untrained eye.

    You can save money on diamonds by buying one with flaws you can’t see well, like stones ranked G to J with color an average person wouldn’t notice. But if you see a diamond that isn’t completely colorless but still costs a ton, question that price.


    The cut is crucial in how a diamond gets priced and how much a diamond weighs. You might want to buy a diamond cut in a specific shape, but this type of cut isn’t only about the basic shape of the stone. A well-cut diamond will reflect light and sparkle in it, as opposed to appearing dull and lifeless. 

    You want a diamond cut to sparkle and show off three things: fire, scintillation, and brightness. Without these, a diamond isn’t worth nearly as much.


    Clarity is about anything that impacts the way a diamond shines in the light; this includes transparency and inclusions. Transparency is obviously how clear a diamond is, while inclusions are about anything inside the diamonds like small crystals that could impact its shine and reflection.

    This is also rated on a scale going from flawless (FL) all the way down to I1, I2, and I3 meaning inclusions. There are many levels in between, like VS1 and VS2, where inclusions are present but can only be seen when magnified 10x.

    These are good options if you want to save some money, since they shouldn’t cost as much due to flaws your eyes won’t see.


    Carat is the diamond weight, with heavier diamonds being worth more as they are much rarer. A 2-carat diamond often runs upwards of $5,000 and can cost as much as $60,000. 

    Ever wondered about the difference between karat vs carat? If you’ve seen karat with a K around jewelry stores, that is a measurement for gold, whereas a carat with a C is for measuring the weight of gemstones like diamonds. You can click here to learn more about carats and how they make a difference. 

    Detailing Diamond Cost 

    Diamonds are priced very specifically. But if you know the measurement scales and what means what, you’ll be in a much better place when you are ready to buy a diamond. What a diamond cost before it was cut vs. how well it looks now will differ. 

    It’s helpful to set your budget and start shopping only after you know what you’re looking for. If this helped you feel more confident in your quest, keep reading for more cutting-edge tips.


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