July 14, 2024

    How Dock Square Parking Garage Get It Right

    Parking in Boston, MA is an absolute nightmare and every morning there is a bun fight for the parking spots on both the street and the parking garages. Furthermore, here in Boston, MA we have a very poor standard of parking garage and in my view there is only one which is fit for purpose and who offer everything that you could want and that is Dock Square parking garage. I must confess that I do try to use public transport wherever possible but with so many meetings around the Boston, MA area, I simply must have my car on most days, and here is why I put mine in Dock Square.


    For me the minimum expectation from a parking garage is that it is safe, I look for a safe place to put my vehicle where nobody will be able to do anything to it, security is something which Dock Square pride themselves on. There are some garages here in Boston, MA which have had stories of theft of valuables, damage to the car and even the theft of the car itself, quite how this is possible is beyond me. Dock Square on the other hand ensure your car’s safety and give you the peace of mind that you need.


    I am under no illusions that parking is cheap, and I certainly do not expect it, what I do expect however is a reasonable rate and a competitive rate. I also expect to be rewarded slightly if I am staying long term versus short term. Some garages out there have a monopoly on parking because they have no competition which in truth is completely unethical. Dock Square however have their pricing structure exactly where it should be, it is competitive and reasonable, long term stays are a shade cheaper than short term and they have ingeniously introduced a loyalty program so that if you are staying there every day, you get a half price stay every 15th day, a wonderful idea.


    In terms of space what a lot of garages do is to reduce the size of their spaces to the minimum that they possibly can, in order to get more cars packed in, and ultimately more money. What this of course leads to is difficult parking, higher risk of damage and the occasional blocking in, utterly bizarre! Here at Dock Square this is not the case and they have actually been quite smart in their approach, with 2 different sizes of space. This means that small city cars like my own don’t need to sit in huge spaces, and large trucks and station wagons do not need to overfill a small space, causing risk to all vehicles involved.

    If you are parking regularly, or even irregular for that matter, in the Boston, MA area then I would really recommend that you go to Dock Square where you can get everything that you could possible want from a parking garage and if you so wish, you can pay a little extra to have your car cleaned too!


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