July 13, 2024
    How Buying a Gold Cuban Chain Can Be a Smart Decision

    Investing in Style – How Buying a Gold Cuban Chain Can Be a Smart Decision

    Genuine Miami Cuban link chains are a solid gold investment that can be worn and used for years. These chains can be layered with other jewelry or worn alone to make a statement.

    Investing styles help investors formulate firm goals and categorize their investment opportunities and risks. Assets that share the same investing style usually have correlated cash flows.


    A Cuban chain is a chunky link necklace rooted in the late 1970s and 80s hip-hop movement. It is a statement piece that exudes confidence and power.

    Gold is a beautiful choice for a Cuban chain, and you can choose from several purity levels. These include 10k, 14k, and 18k gold. Gold chains can also be plated to increase their durability and shine.

    Stainless steel is another popular material for Cuban chains. This durable metal has a luster that resembles silver and is less expensive than gold. It is rust-resistant and has an outer layer of chromium that protects it from oxidation.

    Brass is another option for a Cuban chain. This bright yellow metal is cheaper than gold and can be plated to increase its durability. It can be prone to tarnishing, so it must be kept oiled and clean.


    Cuban chains come in different lengths, and finding the best one for you depends on your neck size. A shorter chain can look too small and understated, while a longer chain might overwhelm your frame. To find the right length, measure your neck and add a few inches to that number to determine the ideal size.

    Another factor to consider is the thickness of the chain. Some styles, like a gold rope chain, are thinner than others. In contrast, Miami Cuban link chains and curb chains can be over 15mm wide.

    Finally, the weight of the chain is also essential to consider. Lighter chains are more accessible to layer with other jewelry and can be worn casually, while thicker chains can be a statement piece. This is especially true when it comes to adding a pendant.


    The flat, twisted links in a Cuban chain give it an elegant, sturdy look that adds a refined feel to any outfit. It also tends to be thicker than other chain types, making it more durable and less likely to get snagged on door handles or zippers.

    When it comes to style, a Cuban chain can be worn with anything from a graphic T-shirt and jeans to a flowy maxi dress for a bohemian-inspired look. It can even be layered with other necklaces for an eclectic look.

    Regarding investment merit, many jewelry retailers argue that buying a gold Cuban chain is wise because it can hold its value or even appreciate over time. However, this secondary benefit should not be why anyone purchases this chain type. It should be bought because the buyer enjoys wearing it and feels a deep affinity for gold jewelry. In addition, the chain should be made from a high-quality material plated in 14K or better (not skimming on quality by going with a 10K chain that’s only about 40% pure). This ensures that the chain will last for years to come.


    While a secondary benefit of purchasing a Cuban chain is that it can appreciate over time, this should take a backseat to a buyer’s affinity for the jewelry style. This is similar to investing in clothing you love and will continue to wear over time – whether it be heels, jeans, or a blazer.


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