June 13, 2024
    When the temperatures are dropping outside, you want your home to be warm and cozy. Read here on gas vs oil heating to find which is best for you!

    Gas vs Oil Heating for Your Home

    When the winter season begins, many homeowners start checking their furnaces. Nobody wants to deal with the freezing winter temperatures. But while some homeowners already made their choice of a furnace, many still wonder which is the best between gas vs oil heating for their homes.

    Some homeowners will swear by oil and others by gas. This guide will delve further into both choices and advise you on the best option.  

    If you’re considering buying a new furnace, this is for you.  

    Gas vs Oil Heating: Efficiency

    One thing you should never fail to look for when buying a heating furnace is the efficiency rating. Furnaces with a higher rating are more efficient than those with a lower rating. For this, gas heating furnaces take the lead as they come with a higher efficiency rating than their oil counterparts. 

    Many modern gas furnaces have a rating of between 89% and 98%, while oil furnaces range between 80% and 90%. If you live in areas that experience extremely chilly temperatures, you should go for gas furnaces.

    Oil vs Gas Heating: Costs

    Another factor many homeowners want to look at is the cost of their heating fuel.

    Furnaces with high-efficiency ratings cost more than those with a lower rating. A gas furnace comes with a high-efficiency rating; hence, it’s 10% to 25% higher priced than an oil furnace.

    When it comes to the cost of fuel, gas is cheaper than oil. According to the U.S Energy Information Administration statistics, an average household spends around $500 heating with natural gas and over $2,000 on oil heating. If you’re looking to reduce your energy bills, you should choose gas as the heating fuel. Additionally, if you’re looking to lower your costs even further, make sure to purchase gas from reputable companies such as Snow’s Fuel Company to guarantee it is long-lasting and of high quality.

    Gas vs Oil Heating: Installation

    Gas furnaces are piped straight to your home to deliver your fuel for heating. There’s no need for storage tanks that can interfere with your home’s curb appeal. However, installing a gas heating system is quite expensive and impossible if you’re not connected to the National Grid.

    Oil heating can be a better option if you’re not on the Grid because boilers can be delivered anywhere. But this doesn’t mean installation is cheap. Oil is delivered by a lorry and pumped into the tank, which is also expensive. However, these costs can be reduced by searching for a reliable oil delivery company in your area and even investing in automatic heating oil delivery. You can click here to check out the benefits of automatic delivery, including smarter and more efficient spending, convenience during the colder season, and greater peace of mind. You must also ensure you have enough space in your home to fit a large oil tank.

    Additionally, you need to remember to fill the oil tank in time before it runs out in the middle of the night and leaves you exposed to the chilly weather. You, therefore, must be in contact with the oil company for refills and regular maintenance if you do not opt for automatic heating oil delivery. 

    While at it, know the questions to ask your oil delivery service to ensure they’re reliable and won’t let you down.

    Which One Should You Choose?

    Which one will you choose between gas vs oil heating? This question has no straightforward answer. For some, it might be down to the benefits we’ve outlined, while it might be just about personal preference for others. 

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