June 21, 2024

    Exploring the Role of Human Resources in the State of Hawaii

    Despite a high cost of living, Hawaii’s beaches, climate and natural beauty attract workers. That’s especially important when filling hard-to-fill jobs like nursing faculty.

    HR managers, generalists and specialists play a key role in capitalizing on the positive economic movement in Hawaii, including mastering and applying dei in the workplace services for all kinds of businesses. Here are some of the ways they do it.

    Human Resources Practices in Education

    Hawaii’s low unemployment rate is a major attraction to businesses looking for employees. The state of Hawaii human resources managers, generalists, specialists and assistants are key players in helping companies find and retain top talent.

    A career as a human resource specialist offers a job growth potential of 8 percent through 2031, faster than the national average. HR professionals can find employment in various industries, including health care, education, government and the private sector.

    One of the most challenging issues facing the nation’s schools is recruiting and retaining teachers. Low pay and lack of career advancement are why more people leave than enter the profession. HR professionals in education can help by working with superintendents to map out a more beneficial salary schedule that incentivizes educators to stay.

    Human resources professionals can be found in the private sector. A director of human resources at the company plays a critical role in aligning HR activities with business strategy and driving organizational change. They work closely with executives and senior leaders to ensure that the human resources department effectively partners in employee engagement and organizational success. She oversees labor relations and serves as a single service point for the company’s HR team.

    Human Resources Practices in Health Care

    The Hawaii Employers Council released its 2022-2023 National Business Trends Survey, and the data shows that healthcare is among the top growth sectors for island employers. The survey polled nearly 1,500 companies across the United States, including Hawaii.

    The HRBP role supports aligning human resources strategy with key business strategies. It acts as a change agent and thought partner to leaders and employees on Organizational Design, Talent Management, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Employee Engagement and Retention, Workforce Planning, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

    Currently, serves as a strategic partner to leaders and senior managers. Professionals lead employee relations and organizational change initiatives and oversee compliance with labor laws and policies. Their responsibilities also include training, coaching and leading the HR Service Team. The company caters to daily lunch and offers a wellness program with acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga classes and health insurance.

    Human Resources Practices in Government

    A variety of governmental agencies employ HR professionals. FOR EXAMPLE, an HR professional employed by the City and County of Honolulu may have different responsibilities than an HR worker at the State Department of Education.

    Nevertheless, there are common HR functions in both types of agencies. These include negotiating employee wages, hours and terms and conditions of employment with labor unions; conducting recruitments and hiring decisions; administering leave programs; developing policies to meet the unique needs of government organizations; providing guidance on federal personnel laws; and reviewing and analyzing new legislation that affects human resources functions.

    Hawaii employers, whether they are small entrepreneurial operations without a dedicated HR staff or large enterprises with multiple HR and labor relations departments, rely on the advice and assistance of HR professionals to ensure that their workforce is satisfied and productive. HR experts provide support through training, consulting, policy development and survey data collection. They also serve as a resource for employees and managers through workplace investigations and mediation.

    A career in HR management can be challenging but rewarding. The pay is competitive, and opportunities for advancement are plentiful. HR professionals in Hawaii can find employment in various fields and industries, from health care to education to the military. For more information on careers in HR, visit the SHRM Foundation website.

    Human Resources Practices in the Private Sector

    The daily responsibilities of HR professionals in Hawaii’s private sector vary greatly depending on the industry. For example, an HR professional at Hawaiian Airlines will focus on a different set of issues than a human resources worker at a state hospital. One of the most important things is DEI, but what is DEI? It stands for diversity, equality, and inclusion.

    This is why obtaining a bachelor’s degree is an important first step for aspiring HR workers, whether they seek to work in specialist or lower-level management positions. In addition, an MBA is often required for higher-level consulting and executive functions careers.

    Hawaii is a diverse economy that depends on the US economy and international markets. As such, the economy’s stability and growth are important to the success of human resource professionals. Those with HR management degrees can look forward to strong career opportunities throughout the state and beyond.

    The state’s economy also depends on the work of government employees and labor unions representing many of these state workers. HRMs play an important role in protecting employee rights and helping to ensure that employees’ wages, hours and terms of employment are covered. For example, the state’s labor relations office recently helped to add Bargaining Unit 14 for state law enforcement officers and state and county ocean and water safety officers. This is the first new bargaining unit added in decades and is a significant win for HGEA members.


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