June 13, 2024
    You may think if you have a brick and mortar business, you don’t need to have a digital presence. Read here why your business needs to be online to succeed

    Digital Presence : A Guide to What It Is and Why Your Busines Needs It

    It’s estimated that about 40,000 Google searches happen every second. You read that right, every single second

    With so many people looking things up online, your business having a digital presence is vital to its success. 

    Having a digital presence means that your business and information relating to it can be easily found online. This could be a website, blog, social media accounts, and more. 

    But why do you need an online business? Why is having a digital presence and business website so important? 

    Keep reading to find out. 

    Makes Your Business Accessible 

    If someone searches for you online, you want your business to pop up. Otherwise, not only will they never learn about you, but they might visit your competition instead. 

    Having a website and presence on social media makes it easy for customers to discover more about your business without having to contact you. And if they do want to reach you, all of your contact information is easily accessible, too. 

    Your website doesn’t need to be fancy, but it does need to have all the information a customer might need or want (along with some great visuals!). 

    When it comes to which is better, a DIY website vs professional, choose the option that fits best with your brand and needs. 

    Attracts a Wider Audience

    If your business is suddenly more accessible, you’re going to reach a lot more people.

    With an online presence, people can find you without you having to put in any effort to bring them in. Instead of only being limited to the people who pass your physical business in person, now you can reach thousands (or even more!). 

    While your customers might have been restricted to local before, with a strong digital presence, they can become global. 

    Creates Digital Marketing Opportunities

    A website, blog, and especially social media are fantastic marketing tools that take minimal effort and are practically free. 

    If you post your products or services online, people can look to see what you’re offering from the comfort of their homes. They can follow you on social media and even share your posts with others, creating free advertising. 

    To make the most out of social media for your business, post consistently and engage with potential customers. 

    Lets You Track the Metrics

    A digital presence doesn’t only show your products to customers, it also shows you how people are engaging with your business.

    You can track how many hits your website or blog is getting, as well as what groups of people your social media posts are reaching. There are lots of metrics available that will help you grow your business by seeing what’s working and changing what isn’t. 

    Create a Digital Presence That Stands Out 

    These days, people assume all credible businesses have an online business presence. If your business doesn’t, that consumer starts to wonder how professional or legitimate you are. 

    By putting a little time and effort into your digital presence through a business website or social media account, you’ll connect with and impress so many more potential customers. 

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