April 24, 2024

    Best Version Media – Benefits of a Positive Working Culture

    Traditional business men and women often scoff at the offices of media and marketing companies and how they are run, suggesting that more emphasis is placed on fun than hard work. The truth of the matter however is that these companies have a positive culture which actually encourages its teams and employees to work even harder, for better rewards. Take Best Version Media for example, a company which creates and publishes magazines for communities, niche industries and sub-cultures, and who have gained rave reviews for offering its employees a creative and positive culture to work in. The creation of a culture such as this is something which many businesses are now trying to do because they understand the benefits that doing so can have on the overall success of the business. If you are still stuck on the fence, here is why this kind of positive culture can drive your business to further success.

    Lower Absence

    High absence figures have a massively negative impact on many businesses, it puts pressure on the business and it also costs the company a great deal of money each year. When you have created a place where people actually want to work however, you will be helping to reduce the number of absences each year. Secondly, this kind of culture depends on flexibility from both the employees and the employer, so offering time off for doctors appointments or for personal time, is something that can also greatly help to reduce the number of absences which the business has each year.

    Dedicated Workforce

    As aforementioned businesses need to be flexible with the needs of their staff in order to create a positive culture in the workplace, and this is something which is reciprocal. When you have employees who know that you understand their needs away from the business, they will be much more likely to stay back late and work hard when the business needs them.

    Easier Recruitment

    Companies must be careful when they recruit people that they are getting the right people for the job, but often they have such a small selection of options that they don’t always have this luxury. Companies which have become known for their positive working environment however are very attractive to anyone who is looking for a new job and the result is often an inundation of application forms for vacancies. Not only does this make the recruitment process easier, it also means that you will have far more talent to choose from.

    Better Results

    When staff feel comfortable in their job and they know that they will be rewarded for their hard work – unlike many employers who perform bait and switch tactics when promising rewards – employees will work much harder in their job. The companies which have created a positive culture for their team have staff who feel valued and respected and therefore their output is far higher.

    The traditional world of work has changed a lot and these days we must create a great place to work for our employees.


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